Friday, December 16, 2016

15 Set Secrets About 'Deadpool'

Okay so I think we could argue that Deadpool is probably the coolest super hero – and not just in the Marvel universe. His dark sense of humor is a welcome change from the usual mopiness that seems to come with great power, which is why the movie was so amazing! Here are some facts about Deadpool you might not have known.

1. Ryan Reynolds got to keep the costume after they wrapped production.

But it sounds like he just kinda took it and maybe kept on missing the studio's calls.

2. Deadpool drags another superhero Reynolds has played – The Green Lantern.

"Don't make the super suit green – or animated!"

3. The creator of Deadpool says he lifted the name straight from the last Dirty Harrymovie – The Dead Pool.

Makes sense, he's a maverick who follows nobody's rules – but his own. This should have been the tagline.

4. The magazine floating in the pool in the opening credits is an issue of Peoplewith Ryan Reynolds on the cover.

His "Sexiest Man Alive" cover, to be precise.

5. Ryan Reynolds received massive amounts of backlash when he tweeted that the movie was only going to be rated PG-13.

But jokes! It was April Fools and it was actually still rated R. Oh, that Ryan such a kidder.

6. The costume had a built-in layer of fake muscle that had to be removed because Ryan was so ripped.

I don't know why they would ever think that it was necessary in the first place.

7. Deadpoolis the highest grossing R-rated movie worldwide.

Not too shabby!

8. Reynolds says that this is the favorite movie he's done.

Largely because he was allowed to improvise.

9. Wham was Deadpool'sworking title in honor of George Michael's group.

I cannot express the happiness this gives me.

10. There were supposed to be a bunch of cameos of X-men alumni – but the studio said it would be too expensive.

They made do.

11. Stan Lee makes his trademark Marvel cameo as the DJ at the strip club.

Now let's welcome to the stage...

12. Ryan Reynolds wore the Deadpool suit to cheer up patients at a children's hospital.

A hero onscreen and off!

13. This was Miller's first time directing a major motion picture.

I think it's safe to say he hit it out of the park.

14. Reynolds hired a profession swords master to get him ready for the movie.

I  mean – that's just a cool thing to do regardless.

15. Reynolds got to help revise the scripts.

Lucky he's a funny dude.

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