Sunday, December 25, 2016

15 Teens Destroying All Hope For The Future

For a while, I thought that our hypersexual, open, rapidly evolving society was a good thing. After seeing what it's doing to the next generation, I've changed my mind. These kids are so goddamn dumb that it's actually painful to watch. RIP society, you're gonna go down in flames. 

1. Move out on your own, and I'll move in with your parents. Deal?

2. Dafuq..?

3. Wifi? Check. Priorities? Check.

4. This is somehow worse than when they ask why old phones have 'the hashtag' button because Twitter wasn't around back then. 

5. I'll take 'Things I Never Needed To Know' for $500, please. 

6. When ur so dumb u actually need this. 

7. When did texting teachers become a thing?

8. Well that's depressing...

9. There are so many wrong things in this picture.

10. Wat. 

11. Yeah, but who won? 

12. God, it's called a back massager Cameron. 

13. Was this even a thing in the 90s? 

14. Holy shit. There has got to be something in the water. 

15. Why are you doing it like that? WHY.


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