Friday, December 23, 2016

15 Things That Will Frighten Anyone Who Scares Easily

On a random Wednesday night in first-year residence, a guy on my floor decided to do a bunch of magic mushrooms and trip out in the halls while the rest of us moderately studious folk did our readings or found less absurd ways to procrastinate. Surprisingly, he kept his composure throughout the experience, so the majority of the people on our floor had no idea the kid was trippin' balls. 

Honestly, I didn't know either until he came into my room, looked under my roommate's bed — who was big into mixed martial arts at the time — and then jumped back in fear of what he thought was a skeleton. It wasn't a skeleton, it was skipping rope. I went to pull it out from under the bed, but he bolted before I could show him what it was. Until his roommate told me, I just assumed he was one of those weirdos who scared easily. Turns out he wasone of those weirdos, but he also happened to be high as hell. Here are some things that would likely scare the piss out of him.  

1. This shark that can swallow you whole

2. This possessed ginger kid waiting to be exorcised

3. This creepy snake-worm looking thing 

4. Inescapable amounts of debt that more than likely still burdens her to this day

5. These shoes and brown wallpaper that looks an awful lot like someone was rammed in the closet

6. This cringe-worthy injury that made me shudder

7. The undead Teletubby you let hold your kids

8. This shadow art made from hanging water bottles

9. This demon turtle sent here to kill you

10. The scary BK clown who likes to hide behind bushes and peep out when photos are being taken

11. The tall white alien captured by Google Earth

12. The elf torso that crawled its way out of a dumpster

13. This cat in the back who has been silently plotting your murder for years

14. This bed shop in London where bed bugs are free of charge

15. The random alien lurking on the wall at this museum

Main image via reddit / Rkblack12

Collage images via 1. reddit / Renegade_Meiste 2. reddit / Rkblack12


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