Friday, December 2, 2016

16 People Who Ain't The Sharpest Knives In The Kitchen

Despite what we thought as kids, you don't just wake up as a grownup one day. It takes major practice to figure out how to adult. Case in point? Cooking. Learning how to turn on your oven is hard enough, let alone how to make something edible come out of it. Don't worry, though. We're all trying to figure it out together.

1. Like this poor chef who forgot the very first rule of using a blender: be sure to put the lid on.

And the second rule? Don't forget the first rule.

2. Anyone who manages to bake their utensils into their pastries.

They might not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but that's only because they baked it into their food!

3. Or this poor puppy chef who wasn't expecting the cookie or the pup to puff up so much.

It's not fat, it's just extra fur! That's what makes him so cuddly! 

4. Anyone who yearns for a frozen pizza, only to mess up one of the most important steps in the cooking process.

Actually, the only step in the cooking process — put it in cheese-side up. 

5. How about this pizza chef who forgot that they were making pizza?

I know the box says remove when cheese is melted, but "remove when cheese has turned black and looks like a brick" is basically the same thing, right?

6. Or this decadent assortment of fried food that looks like it was posted on Insta with a black and white filter.

I'd still put money on this getting lots of likes, though. 

7. Anyone who confuses dry shampoo with cooking spray.

Either way, you're going to have a bad time. But kudos to these companies for making our lives a little bit more exciting.

8. This pasta pie that makes even the most amateur chef feel better about themselves.

That might not have been the original plan, but it sort of looks like a pizza if you squint, right?

9. How about this mac and cheese, uh, cake? It truly puts wedding bakers to shame.

I know this is a mistake, but don't you kinda want a pasta cake at your wedding now?

10. Or this home cook who had to decide whether to call the fire department or NASA.

Is this the entrance to the Upside Down? Anyone spot any Demogorgons? Where's Winona?

11. This monster who needs avocado cutting lessons like, yesterday. 

What's next? Going to bite the pizza from the middle of the slice? Going to put your ketchup on your fries instead of dipping like a normal person? SHAME.

12. This person who absolutely looked up "how to clean a microwave" moments after this explosion took place.

Pro-tip: Vinegar and a sponge will always help. So will covering what you're cooking. 

13. This culinary wizard who made the spoon disappear only to find it in the side of the blender.

It's like magic! Or like someone forgot that they put a utensil in the blender and then clicked "on."

14. Or the genius who thought that a grilled cheese waffle was going to be their culinary masterpiece.

So close to greatness. So far from successfully retrieving it from the waffle iron. 

15. This cookie snowman that, just like the rest of us, put on a little extra holiday weight.

Let's be real, come the new year, we all feel like we're made out of cookies.

16. Finally, the creator of this little lamb cake who didn't realize that imitation sometimes isn't always the sincerest form of flattery.

Let's just say, this cake design was a baaaaaad idea for an amateur.


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