Sunday, December 11, 2016

16 Ridiculous Pics That'll Get You Laughin'

It's no secret that the internet is full of the weirdest thoughts, pictures and moments known to mankind. You wanna see the Bee Movie, but every time they say "bee" it speeds up? The internet has your back. Love it or hate it, I think this whole internet fad is here to stay. So check out these absolutely ridiculous pics and posts and have some laughs — I mean, might as well, right?

1. When it comes to vegetables, my mom always shouted, "FINISH THEM!"

2. Squad goals

3. Well, you don't see that everyday...

4. Romance is alive and well

5. Fastest way to her heart...

6. Might as well add this while you're at it

7. *muffled barking*

8. More like mom and rad! Amirite you guys? Why are you crying?!

9. Huh, easier than she thought, I guess

10. She's a keeper! 

11. Not all heroes wear capes...some wear gloves.

12. I've got no words for this, but I love it

13. Story of my life

14. It's not a phase! I'm going to raise a family here!

15. But there's always that one rebel in everyfamily...


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