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20 Freakin' Hilarious Facts About Family Guy

Few shows can make me laugh the way Family Guy can. Whether it's a good old Peter v Chicken brawl, the fam using Meg as a punching bag, or the Evil Monkey, that show just gets me. It's been on for 15 seasons but they can still shock me every single episode. So what goes into such a manic show? Here are some behind-the-scenes facts about Family Guy.

1. Seth MacFarlane's favorite scene from the show is Peter trying to get Tom Selleck to eat a spoonful of beans through the TV screen.

He was so nurturing. So patient.

2. Despite the long-standing belief that the term "what the hell" is said in every episode, it's not.

A show from season three didn't put the phrase in. So close.

3. Brian Griffin is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, but William H. Macy tried out for the part.

Which really could have been great.

4. Mayor West – obviously voiced by Adam West – is one of the most requested characters by fans.

The guy knows how to play low-key crazy.

5. Lacey Chabert was Meg's voice for the first season until she left to focus on Party of Five, and was replaced by Mila Kunis.

Chabert said about Kunis, "I think the show is hilarious, and don’t have a grudge against her at all. I think she’s a great actress."

6. Mila Kunis was only 16 when she started voicing Meg!

And she was only 14 when she started on That '70s Show.

7. Seth said Meg is always getting shit on by the family because the (mostly) male writers don't know how to write for a teenage girl.

That's a pretty lazy reason, MacFarlane.

8. The chicken who's always beating up on Peter has a name. And that name is Ernie.

And he deserves your respect!

9. Lois started off as a blonde!

It looks so unnatural. Or maybe that's just the terrible animation.

10. Quagmire is a lefty.

Which became all too obvious after this episode.

11. He's also 66 years old if you bother to check his driver's license.

Making him on the same creep level as this guy.

12. Bonnie's pregnancy lasted almost a decade. She finally popped the kid after 7 YEARS.

Which suuuuuuuuuuucks.

13. The show has been canceled two times.

When will the network learn – the people want obscure pop culture references and non sequiturs!

14. MacFarlane used to work for Hanna-Barbera before he got his own show.

That's why the first season has so many appearances by their characters.

15. The theme song is an homage to the opening of All in the Family.

Just slightly different tones to these two shows.

16. There are more delicious Family Guy facts coming up! 

17. George Lucas is a huge fan of the show and gave Family Guy clearance to do Star Wars parodies. 

Stewie was made for the Darth Vader role in "Blue Harvest."

18. Family Guy has won six Emmy awards. 

Two of those awards went to creator Seth MacFarlane for his outstanding voice work as Stewie, Peter, Brian and many supporting characters on the show. 

19. Seth's sister, Rachael, also voices some of Family Guy's characters. 

The most memorable one is probably Olivia Fuller, Stewie's on-again, off-again musical partner. 

20. That's freakin' sweet! 

21. Seth MacFarlane based Stewie's voice on Rex Harrison's performance in My Fair Lady

This makes the My Fair Lady parody on the show even better! 

22. Meg's full name is not Megan — it's Megatron. 

Sorry, Meg! (But that's actually a cool name if you think about it). 

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