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6 Surprising Effects When You Stop Eating Meat

There is a near obsession with eating meat in North American culture. Wherever you turn, you'll likely see a burger joint. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that many people consume meat in every meal of their day. Is this healthy? What would happen if we completely did away with meat from our diets altogether?

Luckily, medical professionals have taken to the internet to let people know what exactly happens to your body when meat is cut from our lives. The effects surprised me quite a bit!

Here are 6 things that happen to your body when you cut meat from your diet.What's your experience with staying away from meat? Leave a COMMENT if you've tried a vegetarian diet before. 

Sometimes I sit and wonder whether it's even possible to avoid meat. It's literally everywhere.

In North America, we love the stuff so much that we even make art out of it.

What would happen if meat disappeared forever?

Luckily, Dr. Michelle McMacken from the NYU school of medicine recently wrote an article where she cites tons of scientific proof for the helpful effects of cutting out meat from your life. 

1. One of the biggest benefits of cutting out meat is that it reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes (the kind your food can cause). 

Dr. McMacken says that an estimated 38% of Americans have prediabetes, putting them at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Processed and red meats have been flagged as a contributor to type 2 diabetes in several major research studies. 

One study even found that eating meat once a week for 17 years was associated with a 74% increase in rates of diabetes. Wow! Some research has even shown that vegans have half the rate of diabetes compared to omnivores who incorporate meat into their diets. You can't beat those numbers. 

2. Cutting meat reduces inflammation. 

It has been shown that those who eat meat have higher levels of inflammation in the body than those who mostly choose vegetables. The fact that meat increases inflammation in the body is alarming considering the fact that we are likely to continue to eat it on a regular basis, promoting chronic inflammation. 

Chronic inflammation in the body is dangerous and has been shown to contribute to a whole host of different health problems. 

3. You will likely lose some weight.

Why not, right? Many types of meat, especially red meat, are very high in calories. Simply due to the fact that this calorie-packed food will no longer be a part of your diet, you will have a much easier time controlling how many calories you consume with more vegetables. 

Be careful with fruit, though, as they are usually packed with lots of sugar. 

It doesn't stop here, though!

4. Your gut will benefit. 

The bacteria naturally in our bodies is extremely important for both digestion and the quality of our immune system. This flourishing collection of bacteria thrives on a high fiber diet, something that you just don't get when meat is a main source of your nutrients. 

Protein from animals directly contributes to the production in your digestive system of a harmful substance known as TMAO in your body. It's not just the case that you are missing out on fiber with a mostly vegetarian diet; eating meat actively promotes the production of toxic substances! 

5. Your genes will react differently. 

Believe it or not, the ways our genes express themselves in the body can change when you eat meat or not. Your genes react in a way that best repairs damaged DNA when your food is high in antioxidants. A vegetarian diet will provide a much higher level of beneficial antioxidants compared to a heavily meaty diet. 

The expression of cancer is less likely to occur as well with eating less meat. This is a huge deal!

6. Your cholesterol levels will benefit considerably. 

One of the largest food-based sources of cholesterol is red meat, and research has shown that a plant-based diet can result in a 35% drop in blood cholesterol levels. Plants are naturally low in saturated fat content, explaining much of the drop. 

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h/t Michelle McMacken / Forks over Knives


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