Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Couple Lost A Combined 330 Lb By Working Out Together

Imagine losing half of your body weight! Yes, that's right, half!

That's exactly what Johnathon VanBuskirk did. Well, technically, he lost more than half of his body weight. His girlfriend, Lisa Berg, also lost over 100 lb. Together, they are the Thincredibles. Although they have already accomplished so much, they know that there is still work to be done.

How they were able to change their habits — and lives — together is truly incredible.  

At their heaviest, Lisa and Johnathon weighed a combined 702 lb. 

John tipped the scales at 420 lb...

... while Lisa clocked in at 282 lb.

They both struggled with overeating while growing up, the reason for their ballooning weight. 

"I was addicted to food - food was being used as a mood-booster in my household," Lisa told Daily Mail.

"I never realised it was a problem for so long...

"...My whole family is heavy, so I just assumed I was heavy because of genetics and it would never change," she said.

John revealed a similar struggle, admitting that soda was his major weakness.

"I ate whatever I wanted," John said.

"Soda was the main offender though - I'd demolish two two-litre bottles a day."

When the couple first met online, John was six months into his new routine and had lost 75 lb. Lisa was inspired by John and began making changes to her life as well. Soon, they began motivating one another and became each other's "accountabili-buddy."

Together, they ditched junk food and pop for fruit and began going on hikes and bike rides. The pounds began melting off. 

Lisa lost 110 lb while John is now 220 lb lighter.

The drastic weight loss left rolls of excess fat on their bodies. Lisa said that the extra flab was a reminder of who she used to be: the person she was trying to move past.

The excess skin would slap her as she ran and also get in the way during sit-ups. 

John also expressed similar frustration.

"It was always depressing knowing that no matter what I did, I'd never be able to completely undo what I had done to my body," John told Daily Mail.

Lisa and John have given themselves the nickname "The Thincredibles." We think that they're pretty fantastic and that the superhero name is quite fitting. 

Both Lisa and John underwent tummy tucks...

... and have been able to keep the weight off a year after the procedure. 

However, the couple is still hoping to get more work done because of the skin that is still left over. John is hoping to to have his back and chest surgery in the near future. However, the surgeries are extremely expensive, and the couple estimates it will take them five years to save up the money.

They have set up a GoFundMe page to help reach their goal of $8,000. 

The couple say on the page that it is a chapter in their life they want to close, and after all of the hard work that they have put in, they have earned it.

For more information on Lisa and John's amazing transformation, go to their GoFundMe page and SHARE their amazing transformation!

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