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Every Day This Man Is Visited By The Moose He Rescued

A baby moose is not what Erikas Plucas expected to find when he came home one day, but find one he did. She was lying alone outside his gate, starving and dirty, but too weak to run away when he approached. Only a couple of weeks old, the moose's mother had likely been shot by hunters, so Erikas carried her inside and started to figure out his options.

A call to animal services was the first step, but when he asked his friends for advice, he was met with scorn. "I was met with hostility and contempt," he told The Dodo, "'It is illegal, you should not do it, let nature take care of it' was all I heard." Still, he knew he couldn't leave her to die.

Animal services didn't arrive until the next day, so while he waited, Erikas provided her with milk and tried to get her to eat.

There was nothing animal services could do. Lithuania doesn't have a place that takes care of wild animals who are orphaned, so the only option would have been to give her to local hunters. Knowing the choice was between death and taking care of her himself, Erikas chose to keep her. Animal services agreed.

He named her Emma.

At first, Emma had to be fed every four hours and was so afraid of being alone that Erikas often slept outside with her. He was the only thing she wasn't afraid of. As she grew, he took her on walks in the forest and helped her learn to find food for herself. Eventually, she became comfortable in the forest and was able to move out on her own. "I remember those first nights that she didn't come home," he said. Worry kept him awake.

But she still comes to visit her "dad" every day.

Though Emma never got comfortable with any other humans, she's always careful to not hurt Erikas while they play. He always keeps treats for her, and they often go swimming together.

Erikas has done everything he can to protect her from hunters.

He spoke to every hunter he could find to ask them not to hurt her and even brought a few to his home to watch how she interacted with him. Some were so moved by her love, that they swore to never shoot any moose ever again.

Erikas may be a "grandfather" soon, as he thinks Emma might be pregnant!

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