Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Mom Loopy On Pain Meds Can't Remember Giving Birth

It's funny how things like pain medication can have spillover effects. You would think they would only dull the nerves, but they sure go beyond that. I somewhat remember the day I had my wisdom teeth out, or at least parts of it, and I believe some poor nurse was treated to a pretty solid body check as she led me to a chair where I could come around in peace. A conversation with me must have been something else – much like this conversation caught on tape between a husband and his wife who just gave birth. 

Tisha and James Heffron came home from the hospital with two bundles of joy: a new son, and a video of her so loopy on pain meds that she couldn't remember giving birth.

And they must have given her a pretty good dose to wipe out such a vivid experience. She's seriously messed up and doesn't even know if her husband is actually her mother or maybe her brother.

Not only did she not realize she had just given birth, she didn't even know how it happened.

She thought maybe she had pushed the kid out her belly button. The look on her face when James tells her how it did happen is priceless.

Once the pain meds wore off, Tisha's memory returned and she could recall the whole birth.

So at least she has that going for her – that and the new bundle of joy she and James welcomed into their family.

Watch the whole hilarious exchange below!


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