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She Developed The Liver Of An Alcoholic After Drinking 20 Cans Of Red Bull Per Day

With so much available to us, there will always be something that might be a bit dangerous. Most people have some kind of habit or indulgence that they enjoy, even if it may not be the best for their health. The key thing to remember in these situations is that moderation is of utmost importance. Take energy drinks, for example. They're really not bad for you unless you're caffeine sensitive or you drink them like they're water. The odd energy drink every now and then will likely have no impact on your health. The real issue arises when people start overconsuming these potentially hazardous things.

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The story starts with Mary Allwood, a mother of three. Being a mother of three and working a full-time job is undoubtedly a hard task, so Mary needed some help.

So, what did she turn to? Red Bull. At first, she started off consuming one or two as they would give her jolts of energy. Within months, she was immune to their effect, drinking around 20 per day.

She would drink two upon waking up, then have more throughout the day. Mary described the addiction by saying, "I needed the taste and fizziness. It was my heroin. I would feel awful if I didn't have it."

Mary's consumption of Red Bull was equal in sugar to 17 Mars bars and 16 cups of coffee worth of caffeine. In no time at all, Allwood gained copious amounts of weight.

Due to extreme pain, Mary wound up in the hospital. The doctors found that her liver had grown to twice its normal size, something that happens with severe alcoholics.

Mary has since weaned herself off of Red Bull and lost a tremendous amount of weight. Her liver has also returned to its normal, healthy state!

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