Tuesday, January 31, 2017

15 People Who Think They're Soooo Funny

15 People Who Think They're Soooo Funny

We all have that friend who thinks they're wayyy funnier than they really are. They're sooo confident in their crappy jokes that they're willing to tell them no matter how bad they are, even if it means being the only one laughing. Maybe they're prone to the occasional knee-slapper, but more often than not, their jokes fall flat. 

Regardless, it's never enough to dissuade them from telling more. Parents — specifically dads — tend to fall into this category. 

Check out this list of people who think they're sooo funny. 

1. Kids do the darndest things 

2. Clearly

3. You're right, budgeting is important in times like these

4. Yeah, dude, you tell her

5. Bingo!

6. Hope was killing it until she failed to capitalize the first letter of her own name

Tsk, tsk

7. Nailed it!

8. Good one

9. Mom's got jokes!

10. Ouch, that one stung a little

11. McDonald's employees are becoming too smart

12. "When you ask for a drawing on your pizza box"


13. Oh god, please just stop

14. Awful dad-joke alert!

15. How considerate of them

Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly

Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real

Historical photos already have a strong impact when viewed, but when color is added to them it makes them seem all the more real and recent. It also brings about detail that you wouldn't necessarily see in black and white. It's really intriguing to see the expressions, the pain, the sadness, the happiness, the beauty and the style of the times. Check out what historical photos would look like if they were taken in color:

1. An unemployed lumber worker and his wife (1939).

2. Hindenburg Disaster (1937).

3. Albert Einstein enjoying the summer sun (1939).

4. British troops (1939).

5. Elizabeth Taylor (1956).

6. Boy in Baltimore (1938).

7. Young boy clutching his toy in London (1945).

8. Thich Quang Duc’s self-immolation (1963).

9. Kissing the war goodbye (1945).

10. Big Jay McNeely (1953).

11. Mark Twain in the garden (~1900).

12. Charlie Chaplin, 27-years-old (1916).

13. Crossroads Atomic Detonation.

14. Car crash in Washington D.C (1921).

15. The view from the Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee during the Civil War (1864).

16. Louisville, Kentucky (1937).

17. Steve Jobs (1985).

18. Titanic sinks and newspaper boy sells the breaking news the next day (April 1, 1912).

19. Girls deliver ice (1918).

20. Easter Eggs for Hitler (1944-1945).

These Solar Panels Bloom Like A Beautiful Flower To Collect Energy

These Solar Panels Bloom Like A Beautiful Flower To Collect Energy

Say what you want, there's undeniable sense to generating power without having to buy fuel and load it into your generator. If the fuel is just floating around outside, why not gather it up and use it? Nevertheless, solar and wind energy have their stubborn opponents. But designers have been gradually whittling away at some of their complaints to make solar and wind more attractive. And this solar panel system addresses a few concerns – as well as being nice to look at.

You've seen plenty of solar panels glinting in the sun, but you probably haven't seen many like the "smartflower POP."

Taking cues from Mother Nature, Austrian designers decided to make a solar panel that looks like the original solar panels: flowers. Just like a plant, the smartflower unfurls its petals and follows the sun across the sky to gather as much energy as possible.

Even when the sun goes behind a cloud, the smartflower will position itself at a 90-degree angle to the sun.

It can generate up to 4,000 kWh per year and, when it's fully extended, is 16 feet tall. 

At night, or when the wind kicks up too much, the smartflower will quietly fold up and tuck itself away.

Best of all, it's not a permanent installation, so if you ever move, you can take your solar panel installation with you.

Learn more about the smartflower in the video below!


Monday, January 30, 2017

8 Huge Plot Holes From The 'Dark Knight' Trilogy

8 Huge Plot Holes From The 'Dark Knight' Trilogy

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knighttrilogy is high on everyone's list for best superhero movies ever made. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises were all critical and box office successes! And let's be real here, Ben Affleck's Batman has nothing on Christian Bale's Batman. There's a reason why there's a sad Ben Affleck meme! Even though everyone can agree that these movies are fantastic, there are some pretty big plot holes that we just can't ignore. Let's take a look at what didn't make sense from the trilogy.

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1. In Batman Begins, the League of Shadows' plan makes no sense! They wanted to poison Gotham's water supply with the fear toxin and then vaporize the water so everyone is exposed to the toxin.

They had hoped that everyone would freak out and Gotham would fall.

Except it doesn't work because the League had poisoned the water weeks earlier! For it to work at that exact moment, no one could have vaporized water. That doesn't work because people vaporize water constantly!

You vaporize water when you make coffee, when you take a hot shower or when you use the dishwasher. Damn, the League is terrible at making evil plans!

2. Batman decided to go on the monorail to stop Ra's al Ghul for no reason. The emitter is on the monorail and Ra's decides to transport it to Wayne Towers, right by the central water supply.

Batman's on the monorail even though he already told Commissioner Gordon to shoot the monorail supports so that it stops the monorail from going to Wayne Towers!

Why didn't Ra's just start at Wayne Towers to begin with?! Why didn't Batman just sit this one out?! I think they both just LOVE theatricality. SMH.

3. The Joker is a party crasher who leaves on his own? In The Dark Knight, the Joker shows up to kill Harvey Dent but Batman comes to fight them off. Batman then has to save Rachel from being thrown out the window. 

Did you notice that after Batman rescues her, he never returns to the party? So is the Joker still chilling up there at the party and terrorizing the guests? We're supposed to assume he left on his own?

What villain just willingly leaves his target alone when Batman isn't there to protect him?!

4. The Joker's plan is insanely elaborate and it's surprising it worked. His plan relied on so many working parts and it just really didn't make any sense. 

Such a stupid mistake that shouldn't have happened but it did!

One example is that for his plan to work, he needed a Gotham City police officer to be placed IN his cell. If the police officer wasn't so stupid, he would've been watching the Joker from outside of the cell! 

But instead, he gets taken hostage and the Joker goes on a mass killing spree. Smart, Gotham City PD.

5. Remember Coleman Reese, the Wayne Enterprises accountant in The Dark Knight? How come he never revealed that Bruce Wayne was Batman? 

Even after Batman saved him but was ultimately blamed for the crimes of Two-Face, Reese never said a word. In fact, he's never mentioned again! 

Don't you think he would have said something after people thought he was a murderer?! Reese is one hell of a secret keeper! You want someone like Reese to keep your secrets. 

6. The Dark Knight Rises had an epic opening scene that... didn't make any sense. Bane leaves one of his men in the crashing plane because the CIA expects the remains of one prisoner. 

Did Bane not realize the CIA had forensics experts to test the remains?! Also, there were CLEARLY bullet holes in the plane. It shows that the plane was attacked by SOMEONE on the outside! 

Uh... ok. There is just NO way the CIA will assume something weird happened. Nope.

7. How exactly did the Dark Knight... return? He was in the middle of nowhere (IN A PIT!) with a newly healed back and then he suddenly made it back to Gotham!

Excuse me, which chiropractor did he have? Also, what airline? Important questions I need answered.

8. So he successfully escaped the pit in the middle of nowhere, but how did he escape The Bat after the nuclear bomb exploded?! 

Christopher Nolan explained that there was an auto-pilot on The Bat and sure, tons of characters escape explosions all the time in movies. But then why not just show it?! 

It was all very confusing to see Bruce alive and well in a café.

Oh, well! Even with these plot holes, these movies are still the best!