Tuesday, February 28, 2017

13 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life

Do you ever have those mornings where you've overslept, are in a huge rush, but still want to look semi-presentable? Being a Monday, today was definitely one of those mornings for me. When it comes to our beauty routines, they don't always need to be lengthy and complicated. And fortunately, there are tons of easy, extremely useful beauty hacks out there to make rushed mornings a little less stressful. I definitely wish I had known about these earlier, as I could have totally used #5 today. 

This list includes a wide variety of hair and makeup tips, and I guarantee many of them will be completely new information to you. So if you're ready to master your early morning primping, read on for a list of 13 brilliant beauty hacks to simplify your life! 

1. #SmokeyEye

To achieve the perfect smokey eye, draw a hashtag on your outer eyelid with an eyeliner pencil. Next, use a small makeup sponge to blend the lines outwards.

2. Dark Circle Eliminator 

To conceal dark under-eye circles more effectively, apply your concealer in a triangular shape towards your cheekbones, then blend. This method will make your face appear far brighter and less tired than applying your concealer in a semicircle. 

3. Eye Opener 

To make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, use a white (or light) eyeliner pencil on lower lids! 

4. Conceal Correctly 

Instead of blending your concealer the second you apply it, wait about five minutes first. Concealers tend to darken over time, so waiting a few minutes before blending will ensure a more even, lasting coverage. 

5. Every Last Drop

When your mascara is reaching the end of its life, you can still prolong it! Simply add a few drops of contact solution into your mascara bottle and mix together using the wand. This will make your dry, clumpy mascara smooth again, at least for a few more uses! 

6. X Marks The Spot

To get a more defined Cupid's bow, simply follow this easy lip guide! Drawing an X pattern ahead of lipstick or gloss application will help to create a bolder lip shape. 

7. Lasting Lipstick  

For longer-lasting lipstick, hold a piece of tissue over your lips, then lightly dust some translucent powder over top. The powder will set your lip look in place, just as it does when applied to a finished makeup look! 

8. Brow Guide 

I don't know about you, but I've definitely over-plucked my brows over the years. Avoid this rookie mistake by following this simple eyebrow tweezing guide! 

9. Thicken Your Hairline 

To make your hair appear thicker, apply eyeshadow (in the same color as your hair of course!) to your roots using a medium-sized shadow brush.

10. Eyeliner Intensity 

To get a bolder, more intense liner look, simply follow this easy guide! Your eyeliner will go on smoother, thicker, and blend better to your lash line. 

11. Hair Hold 

Bobby pins are already amazing hair tools, but now you can make them even more amazing. Simply spritz them with a little hairspray first for stronger, long-lasting hair hold! 

12. Prime To Perfection 

To really make your eyeshadow pop, apply white eyeliner to your eyelids first. This creates an excellent base and is especially useful for shadows that aren't very bold.

13. Dry Shampoo

Two words: dry shampoo. For those mornings when you're in a rush and your hair is looking a little greasy, simply spritz this magical product onto your roots for instant oil absorption. Dry shampoo is also a great tool for creating volume! 


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