Tuesday, February 28, 2017

16 People Who Don't Quite Have This 'Cooking' Thing Down Yet

Some people have a knack for all things culinary, and others, well, they should be kept hundreds of feet away from a kitchen at all times. Look, I'm no Gordon Ramsey myself, unless you count my insane temper and ability to make my coworkers cry, so I'm not throwing shade at these wannabe chefs. However, by the time you're through this article, I'm sure you'll see how hilariously messed up some cooking fails can actually be. From food that's destroyed to creations that should never have been attempted, these are just a few people who definitely need a few more lessons before setting foot in a kitchen again...

1. This is gonna get worse before it gets better...

2. Her face says it all!

3. There may be a problem when your oven looks like a nuclear explosion!

Maybe just a slight problem...

4. And for dessert?

5. It's aliiiiive! ALIVE!!!

6. Hmm, I must've missed that episode of Top Chef...

7. But if we've learned anything from the Food Network, presentation is everything!

8. Cupcakes are boring, how about some cakecups???

9. And this creation, we call "The Heartburn Special"

Featuring everyone's favorite gourmet pizza topping: crunchy jalapeno Cheetos 

10. Not sure exactly what happened, but it's far from eggcellent

11. So maybe your husband isn't the greatest cook, but you can't deny that he followed directions exactly!

12. Not sure if this is a fail or a win? 

13. I'm pretty sure she said she wanted to meet Justin Beiber, not... this:

14. ♫ Stuck in the middle with you...

15. A whole new reason to cry when cutting onions

16. And at the end of the day, why am I not surprised to see the kitchen like this?


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