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16 Secrets From The Set Of 'Cruel Intentions'

I remember when I first watched Cruel Intentions. I totally just started watching it after I was flipping through some channels on the TV. And whoa. Does anyone else remember how intense this movie was?! There was revenge, blackmailing, sex, drama, tears and death. This movie has got it all! Why aren't teen drama movies like this anymore? And get this! The making of this movie is just as crazy. You won't believe what happened behind the scenes. Keep on reading to find out!

1. The producers were struggling to find an actor to play Annette and finally turned to Ryan Phillippe for help since he was already cast. He suggested that they hire his girlfriend at the time, Reese Witherspoon. 

2. Reese only accepted after the director took her out for dinner and they got drunk. He got on his knees and begged her: "Please, it'll be 15 days, you'll be great." 

3. Christina Baranski only accepted a part in the movie because her daughters were the biggest fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

They couldn't believe that their mom would be working with Buffy herself!

Everybody loves Buffy!

4. When Reese slapped Ryan, it was completely unscripted! His reaction was 100% genuine though he stayed in character – but after the scene, he ran from set to throw up. 

It was such an emotionally draining scene that Ryan said he just had to throw up.

5. Because of the graphic sex scene between Cecile and Sebastian in the movie, the actors were all asked by the director how old they were when auditioning for the part of Cecile.

The director said they knew Selma Blair was the one for the part when he asked her "How old are you?" and she replied in Cecile's bratty voice, "How old are you?" 

Selma is awesome! She just got right into character and it won her the part. 

6. Sarah is actually an avid collector of antique books. She owns an early edition of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, the book that the movie is based on.

7. When Sebastian hands Kathryn the Seventeen magazine to read, the actor on the cover is Jennifer Love Hewitt, who starred with Sarah and Ryan in I Know What You Did Last Summer!

Everything is always connected somehow!

8. According to the costume designer, Reese was always put in light colors to contrast with the dark colors that Ryan's character always wore. 

*Watches movie again just to make sure I notice this*

9. The costume designer also mentioned that the red hoodie that Selma's character wore was supposed to get the audience to make the connection to Little Red Riding Hood.

It was supposed to look like Red Riding Hood off to see the Big Bad Wolf aka Sebastian!

How cute was Cecile's outfit with the sweater tied around her shoulders?!

10. Apparently, the original title of the movie was going to be Cruel Inventions except that the test audience thought it sounded like a science fiction movie.

11. The spit string between Cecile and Kathryn was an accident! Initially, Selma and Sarah were going to reshoot the scene but then the director thought that it was beautiful, "like there's saliva connecting them."

12. Everything worked out because they did win the MTV Award for best kiss!

13. There were several reports that Reese was pregnant while filming the movie. That's false but she was pregnant with Ryan's child when she did press tours for the movie! She was pregnant with her first child, Ava. 

Ava grew up to look just like her mom!

14. Katie Holmes was initially tapped to play Annette! 

It's so weird to think of someone else playing Annette. Reese was perfect for the role!

15. It's crazy to think about the successful movie was only written in 12 days by the screenwriter! 

16. Reese, Selma and Michelle had a mini reunion at performance of the Cruel Intentionsmusical last year. They had such a good time filming the movie together that they've remained good friends over the years. 

Awww! I love mini cast reunions!

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