Friday, March 31, 2017

18 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed

18 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed

It's no secret that many magazines photoshop their images. I mean, even people online are doing the same thing. It seems like everyone is doing a little edit here and there to make sure that their photos look perfect. Hey, whatever floats your boat. 

Some photoshop jobs are barely noticeable, but others can look a little weird. When I say weird, I mean that some of these photoshop fails do not look humanlike. So creepy! Check out these 13 obvious photoshop fails! Some people definitely need to practice a little bit more. 

1. Gigi and Kendall 

This photoshop job is pretty freaky. Look how long Gigi's arm is. Dang, girl! 

2. Another One 

A Barbie doll probably has knee caps that are more defined. That's sad. 
3. Abs 

He has been hitting up the gym like no other. What's your workout plan? 

Stop the lies! 

You're not fooling anyone. 

4. Hair 

Photoshop is cheaper than extensions. 

5. Zendaya 

Zendaya spoke out about how disappointed she is about this photoshop job. Seriously, where did her hips go? 

6. Muscles 

Picking up that container is no problem for this muscular man. Reminds me of Popeye! 

I can't stop eye-rolling. 

7. Surfboard 

Forget a magic carpet ride, I want to go on a magic surfboard ride. 

8. Weights 

Do you even lift? 

9. Arm

I'm perplexed, and I also need to stop looking at this. It hurts my head. 


Seriously, why would anyone photoshop an arm like that? I am really confused. 

10. Meghan Trainor

This is ridiculous. She's all about that bass, so how could anyone photoshop this? 

11. Priyanka Chopra

Her armpits have no lines? This looks so unnatural! 

12. Beyoncé

I'm pretty sure the name Beyoncé means perfection. Why would anyone edit her thigh? 

Seriously, she's amazing! 

13. Family 

Is your arm down or around her shoulder? Please let me know because I am confused. 

14. Superman ain't got nothing on this dude! 

15. Bruhhh, your face doesn't even match your body. 

Rookie mistake! 

You really need to! 

16. This is what happens when you break up with your boyfriend. 

I mean, if it's a cute photo of you, why not photoshop him out?

17. There is something that is not rightwith her leg. 

18. I'm loving this new couple! 

I had no idea that Selena had a new boyfriend. 

Me being skeptical after looking at every photo. 

What do you think is the biggest fail? Comment to let us know! 

10 Curly-Haired Animals Cuter Than Shirley Temple

10 Curly-Haired Animals Cuter Than Shirley Temple

Animals are pretty amazing as is, but have you ever seen a version of your favorite animal with curly locks? Many animals like horses or even chickens have breeds that turn straight hair or feathers into curly majesty. Here are 10 curly-haired animals that are way cuter than Shirley Temple. 

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1. A Texel guinea pig and its long wizardly locks. 

2. What appears to be a Gypsy Vanner horse with some major curl goin' on. 

3. The curly feathers of the Frillback pigeon. 

4. A breed of pig called the Mangalica has a perma-perm. 

Here's another really close-up photo because that makes it look even cuter. 

5. How about this curly-feathered rooster? Pretty awesome.

6. A curly-haired horse, why I never!

Bashkir horses all have curly hair. Now that's pretty neat. 

Let's take a closer look at those adorable ears! 

7. The fabulous duster budgie.

8. These adorable black-nosed Valais sheep. 

9. Have you ever seen a curly-haired rat?

10. Last, but not least, we have a young gorilla with some major curls. 

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

12 Uses For Empty Gum Containers

12 Uses For Empty Gum Containers

Before I leave my house, I have to make sure my chewing gum is in my bag. I'm kind of obsessed with gum, and it's safe to say I chew on a lot throughout the day. Since my one pack of gum is basically only good enough for one day, I decided I might as well buy the bigger gum containers. Well, that only lasted me four days, and now I have a bunch of gum containers lying around. Good thing I haven't thrown any of them out because I found out about some excellent ways to repurpose them. Here is a list of some great uses for empty gum containers! Also, if you have gum packages and breath mint containers lying around, there are some awesome ways to reuse those as well! Check it out! 

1. Business Cards

This is such an awesome way to store your business cards.The best part is they won't get crumpled. Genius. 

2. Matches

Before you go on your camping trip, fill up your gum container with matches. Check out #12 to see how you can use a breath mint container for camping. 

3. Push Pins 

This is a safe way to store push pins. Trust me, you don't want to lose these.

4. Loose Change

What a brilliant way to store your loose change. Now you don't have to hold up the fast food drive-thru line. 

5. Cotton Swabs 

Every bathroom needs one of these. 

6. Stationary 

Don't ask me how, but I'm aways losing my sticky notes. I need to have one of these for my desk. 

7. Screws 

So clever, and it would fit perfectly in a tool box. 

8. Snacks

I hate putting my snacks in tupperware, so I really like this idea. I also lose tupperware like it's my day job, so I definitely need to do this. 

9. Wallet 

Are you in the market for a new wallet? Use an empty gum container in the meantime. 

10. Charger 

 My phone charger is basically ruined because I just throw it in my backpack and go out the door. This is an awesome way to store it safely. 

11. Earbuds 

You can also use this container for your earbuds!

12. Spices 

Spice up your camping trip with these on-the-go spices. These containers hold the perfect amount. 

What's your favorite gum container hack? Comment to let us know!