Tuesday, March 21, 2017

11 Horror Movies That Are Better Than Any String Of Dead Teenagers


The thing about being scared is that we always want to do it in a safe place.

Roller coasters, bungee jumping with a safety net and of course scary movies.

There aren't actually any demons, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, nightmares on Elm Street or scary clowns in the forest...


Okay, here are some movies to make your pants smell like urine...

1. Friday The 13th follows the a young man who's just a little bit different than the other boys.

He's also a knife-wielding chef at Benihana.

2. Screamis Scary Movie Lite.

Watch if you want to understand the jokes in Scary Movie.

3. The Blair Witch Project is story of a creature that DID get away with it despite these punk kids.

4. The Shining has scary surprise boobs in it but you'll have to watch to find them.

5. The Exorcist follows the harrowing journey of a demon just trying to make his mark on the world.

But Linda Blair gets in the way.


6. Itis about a clown who wants to get on the news like everybody else.

7. Halloweenwas Shrek'sfirst movie.

He went on to do Wayne's World and hasn't looked back.

8. Little-known fact but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually filmed in New Mexico.

And also inspired the ending of The Breakfast Club.

9. Rosemary's Baby is the tale of Satan knocking up his best friend and learning how to be a dad for the first time.

Rosemary overreacted when Satan didn't know what lamaze class was for.

10. Psychoshows why baths are the way to go. 

11. Poltergeistis the story of how the Freelings get a new TV.

12. Fun Fact: A Nightmare On Elm Street is a meta-commercial about addiction and the dangers of Ambien.

13. The Omen is about kids finally getting respect.

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