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12 Hidden YouTuber Scandals Now Revealed

Movie stars and singers? No, thanks! I'll take YouTubers and Viners instead. They upload weekly and sometimes daily – so you always have something to look forward to watching when you get home! Can you believe that some of the biggest stars with millions of subscribers are our age?! They provide us with non-stop entertainment but they haven't always been good! You might be surprised by some of these stars who have been part of pretty big scandals! 

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1. Zoella and the ghost... writing scandal.  People were angry AF when they found out Zoe didn't write her book Girl Online by herself even though she told her viewers she wrote the entire thing herself!

TBH it would've been cooler if the scandal was about Zoe Sugg and a ghost. 

2. Shane Dawson's break up with Lisa Schwartz. They were the cutest couple! After Shane came out as bisexual, Lisa couldn't handle it and broke things off.

 Apparently, Shane cheated on her with a man. Man or woman, cheating sucks! Stay strong, Lisa!

3. Onision cheated on Lainey with not just any other girl! Onision admitted to cheating on his wife, Lainey. BUT WAIT. He cheated on her with her GF. Uh...what?

 Apparently they had an open relationship. So... that happened. #DramaToTheMax.

4. Sam Pepper put up a prank video where he tricked a boy into thinking his best friend had been shot by a kidnapper.

He eventually took it down after people were, like, WTF? Why did you ever think that was ok, Sam?! #GetItTogether.

5. Sam Pepper v. the YouTube community. After putting up a prank video of him pinching women's butts, a lot of complaints of inappropriate sexual behavior from him came out.

The YouTube community called for a boycott of his channel!

6. The Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky scandal. Madison was accused of cheating on Jack Gilinsky when she was hanging out with D Phoenix. The pic showed Madison with her legs on top of D.

The pic was taken down but the damage was already done!

7. Jenna Marbles and Max Weisz broke up in 2011 and Jenna tweeted that they broke up because Max cheated on her! OMG why would you ever cheat on Jenna?!

SHE'S JENNA MARBLES. She's literally the queen of YouTube!

8. Michelle Phan gets sued... and she sues back.

Ultra Records sued Michelle for using music from them in her videos. She ended up suing them back! It's not resolved but at least she's still making videos! Who else am I going to watch for videos about using kitty litter on your face?! 

9. Taylor Caniff's house gets raided by the cops!

Uh oh... someone partied too hard and got the cops called on him! They raided the house and found drugs. Taylor says they weren't his! That's what they all say, Taylor. #LiarLiarPantsOnFire

10. Austin, Brittany and yet another cheating scandal.

Keep it in your pants, YouTubers! This time there were TONS of inappropriate videos of Austin that were leaked to the internet from the woman he was cheating on Brittany with! 

11. Sam, Nia and Ashley Madison. 

Uh oh. Sam admitted to having an account! I guess it's all good because Sam said God and Nia forgave him. Those are some understanding people! But... that's awkward.

12. Nash Grier and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad video. Nash put up a video called "What Guys Look For In Girls" and TBH Nash was being rude AF about girls.

He had unbelievably stupid rules for dating him. He eventually took down the video and apologized.

Here's hoping these YouTubers can bounce back from these scandals! Who's your favorite YouTuber or Viner?

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