Thursday, March 30, 2017

12 Uses For Empty Gum Containers

Before I leave my house, I have to make sure my chewing gum is in my bag. I'm kind of obsessed with gum, and it's safe to say I chew on a lot throughout the day. Since my one pack of gum is basically only good enough for one day, I decided I might as well buy the bigger gum containers. Well, that only lasted me four days, and now I have a bunch of gum containers lying around. Good thing I haven't thrown any of them out because I found out about some excellent ways to repurpose them. Here is a list of some great uses for empty gum containers! Also, if you have gum packages and breath mint containers lying around, there are some awesome ways to reuse those as well! Check it out! 

1. Business Cards

This is such an awesome way to store your business cards.The best part is they won't get crumpled. Genius. 

2. Matches

Before you go on your camping trip, fill up your gum container with matches. Check out #12 to see how you can use a breath mint container for camping. 

3. Push Pins 

This is a safe way to store push pins. Trust me, you don't want to lose these.

4. Loose Change

What a brilliant way to store your loose change. Now you don't have to hold up the fast food drive-thru line. 

5. Cotton Swabs 

Every bathroom needs one of these. 

6. Stationary 

Don't ask me how, but I'm aways losing my sticky notes. I need to have one of these for my desk. 

7. Screws 

So clever, and it would fit perfectly in a tool box. 

8. Snacks

I hate putting my snacks in tupperware, so I really like this idea. I also lose tupperware like it's my day job, so I definitely need to do this. 

9. Wallet 

Are you in the market for a new wallet? Use an empty gum container in the meantime. 

10. Charger 

 My phone charger is basically ruined because I just throw it in my backpack and go out the door. This is an awesome way to store it safely. 

11. Earbuds 

You can also use this container for your earbuds!

12. Spices 

Spice up your camping trip with these on-the-go spices. These containers hold the perfect amount. 

What's your favorite gum container hack? Comment to let us know! 


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