Wednesday, March 29, 2017

14 People Who Took On A Challenge

There is the inexplicable urge that overcomes men who are told they can't do something. It's a sense of foolish pride that we all recognize we have, but that we cave to anyway. It's quite bizarre and unless you're a man — especially a man fueled on alcohol  I feel you'd have a hard time understanding, but trust me when I tell you it's there. It's not always a bad thing, either. Like landing on the moon, for instance. I'm sure lots of people said that it was impossible. And then one day some chum with a dream probably said something to the effect of, "Let me finish this Bud Light and I'll show you a man on the moon in, like, three weeks tops."


Next thing you know, we're faking a moon landing and some dude's buddy probably lost $20. 

While none of the people in this article faked a moon landing for a six pack of beer, they did take on some pretty worthwhile challenges — and for that, I respect them.

1. Gonna take too long to inflate, eh? We'll see about that.

2. Too soon?

3. They were told, "No one has the time for that."

No one procrastinates as professionally as college students do. Never forget that.

4. This is what class clowns do after high school.

5. "Buckle up kids, daddy is going to make a FOOL out of this brick wall."

6. "I have to make a phone call..."

7. Don't tempt me like that.


9. City is passive-aggressively letting cyclists know how much they appreciate them "going green."

10. "No can definitely do it in under 10." "Heck yeah I'll hold your beer."

11. High-level dad joke. Well done, sir.

12. If you're drunk enough, the field becomes flat.

13. Do you think I am some kind of amateur, Ferrero? 

14. "You owe me $5, honey."


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