Thursday, March 30, 2017

15 Hilarious Friends Who Prove It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

Where would you be without your best friends? Having someone by your side in even the most mundane situation can turn it into a day worth remembering. Like that time you were feeling a bit down and they came by to cheer you up with an inappropriate card, or when they answered your phone for you to lie on your behalf just to keep the party going.
Some of the stuff our best friends do would make you hate some other person if they tried it, but they're your friends and you wouldn't have it any other way.
Here are 16 examples of friends joking around that'll have you texting your bestie for a catch-up-and-chill session.

1. When your favorite restaurant stops serving the sauce you like, but your friend's consolation game is on point. 

2. You both claim there's no hierarchy in your friendship, but we know one of you is lying.

3. When you're always ready for your friend's snap, no matter what.

4. It's still behind glass to this very day.

5. This is how true friendships are formed.

6. Honestly, me too. I wouldn't hit them hard tho, promise.

7. When you meet your BFF's new friend from college.

8. Goodbyes are always hard. Hope Chairald finds a new home with people that love him for him.

9. Truly, man's best friend.

10. When your friend knows how big of a DeVito fan you are and over-delivers on your birthday.

11. You and I against the world.

12. Another reason they are the greatest friend a person could ask for.

13. Your friend asked for a framed picture of Harambe for your room. Looks like you've made new friends.

14. You wonder why your girl and her friend spend so much time trying on clothes...

15. Probably less effort to just tell your buddy to get a job, but this works too.

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