Sunday, March 26, 2017

15 People So Terrible They're Almost Awesome

Sometimes you gotta give credit where it's due. Even if the person you're giving credit to is probably an asshole. Because listen, as a bona fide asshole myself, I know that I have to go way out of my way to maintain my reputation. It's not easy work. It's thankless work, too. So I beg of you, the next time you see someone who is the worst but kinda awesome in their scumbaggery, let them know that even though they're what makes this world a horrid place to live sometimes, you appreciate the work they do.

1. This asshole cannot be stopped. Literally.

2. As if you needed another reason to hate insurance companies.

3. Do you figure "snake" and "bathtub" are euphemisms for something?

4. If Shakespeare wrote in 2016 and the main characters were cats, this would be how one of his stories started.

5. What Godless piece of...

6. Just an FYI, eBay has these on sale right now. 

7. In case you needed a way to get your cat into its crate without being scratched or bitten.

8. When knocking on their door and politely asking them to stop is way out of the question.

9. Getting an early start on that post-breakup comfort food.

10. A whole class will relive this exam in their nightmares 'til the day they die.

11. I would tell on this person SO hard if they did this. 

12. Even aardvark dads make dad jokes.

13. TLC: the best worst channel there is.

14. Torment them until they're 18 then they become the state's problem.

15. What heathen named this?

"Food lion" haha!


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