Tuesday, March 28, 2017

16 Pictures That Can Make Anyone Look Twice

I'd rather pour hot sauce in my eye...

No, I'd rather pee gasoline...

No, no, I'd prefer to walk around with small pieces of Lego in my shoes for a week...

NO! I'd rather get waterboarded...

Well...maybe not waterboarded...I'd rather get flicked in the testicles by a woman with long fingernails FOR AN HOUR...

Not painful enough, dammit. I'd rather wax every square inch of my butt than search through an entire article of Easter eggs.

But apparently you all like Easter egg articles quite a lot, so I made one for you. Some of the pictures are pretty obvious and fun. Others make you want to kick a shelter full of kittens. But the entire article is certifiably fun! 

Please enjoy my blood and sweat and words. They mean a lot to me.

1. I'm coming out firing. There are two Easter eggs in this pic and I'm not giving you any leads. GO!

2. A subtle homage to Spinal Tap on the movie's IMDB page. 

3. This little gem in the Star Wars trailer

4. It's safe in the house, Oscar. Don't be scared, child.

5. Oh you DIYers and your subliminal LOLs

6. Subliminally making America fat.

7. Apparently he's hidden on every UHaul.

8. If you strain really hard, you can see a cat.

9. How have I gone this long and eaten so many Toblerone and never noticed that?

10. So THAT'S what goes on in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

11. Someone's not gonna be happy when they find out...

12. Looks like a normal...Oh my goatness!

13. You need a new guard dog. 

14. Is that an Easter egg or are you just happy to see me?

15. Five-year-old me was way more prepared for this eventuality than 25-year-old me is.

16. Apparently everyone in Bournemouth is closely related.


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