Sunday, March 26, 2017

19 Urinals You Need To Pee In To Believe In

Not to sound like I'm overly stereotyping, but as a guy, you probably haven't really cared whether or not the urinals you were relieving yourself in were cool and unique. You would be more than happy with the corner of an alley way, am I right? 

1. Let's hope it's not a trap.

2. Hopefully its the only thing in that bathroom that's horny.

3. This keg urinal is just a bad reminder that you've broken the seal and will have to pee every 20 minutes throughout the night.

4. This urinal has a head rest...or, erm, face rest? That cannot be sanitary, though, I guess it's good for those who are too drunk to keep themselves standing.

5. You think the girls take forever to pee? Wait till you visit this bathroom, you'll never leave.

6. Hopefully you don't have a nervous bladder or can't perform under pressure.

7. If you want to make believe you're helping the environment, this bathroom is for you.

8. This is the "what is happening" urinal.

9. Feel like being a guitar hero? Strum this:

10. Yes, those are outdoor, open-air urinals.

11. RIPenis.

12. This thermochromatic urinal makes it look like you're painting with your pee.

13. They're laughing at you - no hard feelings. Pun intended.

14. These are easy to use. 

15. The perfect urinals so that you don't miss the game!

16. This seems threatening...

17. If you're scared of heights, you'll piss yourself. Ha.

18. You have to be okay with creepy mannequins watching you urinate here.

19. I wonder how many guys make speeding sounds while peeing...probably all of them.

Collage Source: 1. reddit /u/ Synergiex 2. UC Bear Cats 3. OMG Soy Sauce


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