Friday, March 24, 2017

8 Lip-Smackin' Hacks For Fast Food Lovers

Fast food kinda makes the world go around. While we try to limit how often we hit the drive-through, it's pure bliss when we get the opportunity. What if you could make an already good thing way better? Fast food is already pretty cheap, but who wouldn't want to maximize their dime on that burger or get ahead with store competitions like McDonald's Monopoly?
Here are eight lip-smackin' fast food hacks to make your experience supreme. 
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1. For many of us, joy fills us up when we see this sight. 

Believe it or not, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can really get more out of your fast food experience. 

2. Ask to have the delicious Apple Pie + McFlurry combo: the "Pie Flurry."

3. Want a free water at Starbucks? Just order a Venti cup of water!

4. Hold up! There are a bunch more..

5. At Starbucks, get way more coffee by asking for light ice in your iced coffee.

Yes, it will still be cold enough. 

6. Only pay $0.25 for each Chicken McNugget by ordering a 20-pack instead of a 4-pack.

This saves a nickel on each nugget, amounting to more than 16% savings. Let's be real: 20 nuggets will go in a flash if a few people are eating.

7. Save between $2.30-$2.50 on a Big Mac by simply ordering a Double Cheeseburger (or McDouble) and replacing the ketchup and mustard with pickles, extra lettuce, and special sauce. 

This is where I'm wishing McDonald's did delivery. 

8. The next hack deals with McDonald's Monopoly. 

9. Now this one is amazing. When Monopoly season comes, order large tap waters to get free tickets. 

They usually don't have large standard cups kicking around because no one really does this. 

10. At Chipotle, order equal amounts of chicken and steak on your burrito because you'll usually end up getting more meat than with one or the other. 

11. Order fries with no salt and get the freshest fries possible. 

They have to get the fries from a new batch to get them saltless. 

12. Now get on out there and use these hacks!

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