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9 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'The Simple Life'

Seriously, where would we be without reality TV? Nobody wants to always watch TV that makes you think and is critically acclaimed. Sometimes ,you just want to come home and watch some mindless entertainment. Oh, and there is some good stuff out there for that! There's Big Brother, The Bachelorand Survivor. But really, the best reality TV show to ever air was The Simple Life. Watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie struggle doing regular jobs was hilarious. This show needs to make a comeback, right? They should remake it with Kylie and Kendall Jenner! How amazing would that be?! Before we get too far on the Jenner/The Simple Life train, it's time to learn about these crazy behind-the-scenes facts about the show!

The Simple Life gave us so many iconic moments. We were truly blessed when this show was airing. 

No, you aren't seeing things. This actually happened. 

That cow is more stylish than I am.

Remember when Paris and Nicole were stewardesses and Nicole asked a passenger if she wanted a lap dance?

I never want anyone to forget that this show existed. 

There were so many insane moments on the show but these behind-the-scenes facts about it are even crazier! 

1. The show was originally going to feature Paris and her younger sister, Nicky. Paris begged her sister to do the show but she said it didn't sound fun at all. 

Don't you think Nicky missed out? Paris tried to mop when she was on a segway and she fell down. Nicole had to stick her whole arm up a cow's butt. Just so much fun! 

2. Nicole wasn't even second choice! Paris reached out to several of her other friends, including Kimberly Stewart and Casey Johnson. 

3. Paris finally went to Nicole and asked her to be part of the show. Nicole said yes because she really wanted to travel with her BFF!

I wonder if Nicole knows she wasn't Paris' first choice...

4. After Season 3, Paris and Nicole had a HUGE falling out after Nicole was constantly jealous of Paris and how much attention she was getting from the show. 

And supposedly, Nicole was SO jealous that she invited all her friends over to watch Paris' sex tape instead of the SNL episode that Paris was hosting!

5. The feud was intense AF! Paris and Nicole refused to film together so that's why season four had them playing the "wife" to different families and were never together on screen!

Let's be real, Season 4 just wasn't as good! 

6. But remember in Season 5 when they reunited to be camp counselors?! Yup! Nicole and Paris made up off-camera and they were BFFs again! 

Honestly, thank God. Season 5 was a joy to watch. 

7. Things really weren't that simple. Nicole said they never got a break from the cameras. They were constantly filmed in the bedroom, in the car and in the living room.

Yikes! That sucks. They didn't get any privacy at all!

8. There was supposed to be an episode where Nicole and Paris are working in a school but there were SO many complains from parents that the episode was never made. 

9. There was supposed to be a sixth season! But there were so many problems while filming Season 5. Nicole and Paris both were in jail while the show was in production!

E! decided not to renew The Simple Life because they were scared of other *cough* complications that might arise again...

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Remember when Paris wrote "poop" on the cow? Iconic.


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