Tuesday, March 28, 2017

At Last There's A Dating App To Help People Connect Based On What They Hate

There's nothing more mystifying in the human experience than love and attraction. There are no set rules as to what makes one person attractive or attracted to another, and even when there is a mutual attraction, that's no guarantee of a connection. But hey, the first step is meeting someone, and even that isn't as easy as it sounds. That's what makes online dating and Tinder so popular – it takes a lot of the work out of it.

But even the online dating scene has gotten stale, don't you think? It's the same old battles wherever you go, with the same old complaints. So it's kind of refreshing that someone would take those complaints and use them to make a new way for people to find each other. 

We all try to put our best faces on when we're dating, but when you really don't like something, it's probably best to put it out there.

Let's face it, if one of you loves to blast show tunes in the car and the other one can't stand Broadway, at the least you're going to have some awkward trips together. 

There's a new dating app that gets all that out of the way right off the hop, however. Hater finds other users in your area with mutual dislikes.

It has a list of more than 3,000 things you could possibly hate, from slow walkers to paying extra for guacamole, that you can show your dislike for. Swipe down to hate, up to love, left to dislike, or right to like, and as you progress, you'll start to get matches with people who hate the same things.

Although you might not need it, there's an option to get an icebreaker, too.

Why not just talk about how comic sans is the worst typeface and go from there?

It's an interesting idea for a stale dating app scene and it should help you avoid connecting with someone who you're never going to get along with.

Wouldn't you just hate that?


Author: verified_user