Monday, March 27, 2017

Pup's Favorite Toy Is Santa And This Year, She Met Him At The Mall And Made Us All Smile

It's the most wonderful time of year. 

The holidays really do bring out the best in people. They remind us to look outside of ourselves and do good for others. This little doggo's humans decided it was the perfect time of year to give their dog something they knew she'd absolutely adore: A visit to the mall to meet Santa! You see, this Shiba's favorite toy at any time of the year is Santa, so it only made sense she'd get to meet the man in person, right?

The Christmas photo that was taken has since made the internet break into smiles, cries, and serious typos. We're kind of losing it over this. When you check out the close-up on the next page, you'll see why!

This is Kya the Shiba. She lives in the sunny state of Florida with her humans.

Much like most dogs, she has a favorite toy. The toy she doesn't want to live without is Santa.

No matter what time of year it is, her Santa toy is right there with her.

And so, her humans got an idea.

This year, they'd take Kya to meet Santa at the mall!

What happened next has made the internet break into one of its rare smiles. Everyone is in love with the photo on the next page.

This is Kya beaming after just realizing whose lap she's on.

Take a closer look: This is what having a dream come true looks like. This is what having the best day ever looks like.

This is what the holidays are for! 

The people of the internet couldn't agree more. They love that Kya got to meet Santa!

Some people were so moved, they could hardly type. 

Let's all have a happy holiday like Kya!

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