Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She's Bat Crazy And People Can't Believe What She Does For A Living

Every once in a while, you meet someone that really sacrifices their life for a cause greater than themselves. They're the secret heroes that commit to a cause and make it their life's work to better the lives of others. One woman from Australia, Sarah Curran, rehabilitates injured bats and works to get them back into the wild. You have to hear about her amazing work...

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Bats, otherwise known as "flying foxes" in Australia, are incredibly common in the country and require special forms of rehabilitation just like any other animal. Sarah Warren has a Facebook page devoted to her love of bats called Sarah's Bats and she's making the news because of her expertise in helping injured bats and reintroducing them into the wild. 

Here is Sarah caring for one these adorable flying foxes. 

She recently made the news for helping a baby bat that fractured her wrist after her mother had passed away. After finally getting the young bat to nurse off of a dummy bat, Sarah was able to get her the help she needed for her injured wrist. This is the kind of work she does day in and day out.

In an interview with The Dodo, it's clear that she really loves these bats. "She has the most vivid bat-dreams and squeaks and twitches like a little puppy," Sarah said when describing the baby bat's behavior during a nice nap. "I love it when bats dream. They're all jerky limbs, twitchy noses, flickering eyes and adorable squeaks and grumbles," she added. Those are the words of someone who doesn't consider her job a job. 

It looks like they definitely love her back!

Sarah often finds bats who have been subjected to intense human cruelty. Some of these bats have been netted, smoked out, or hit repeatedly with paintball guns. 

On her Facebook page, she makes it clear that her life isn't just devoted to rehabilitating bats, she wants people to discover how awesome bats are in general. "All I ever hope for is that with each post, I can reach at least one extra person throughout the world, who never knew how interesting, intelligent and important all bats are :) Love Sarah.....& her bats 🙃."

Luckily these beautiful creatures have a human voice that will speak up for them when others won't.

If you want to follow the work that Sarah is doing and see some really cute bats in the process, you can go to the Sydney Bats website. They describe in detail how to best approach an injured bat and the steps necessary to get them to a proper shelter.

Wouldn't you love to have a job where you can hang out with adorable animals and also save them at the same time? Incredible. Check out the video detailing her work below! 


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