Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Substitute Bus Driver Builds Wheelchair Ramp For A Little Girl With Help From The Community

Thomas Mitchell is a vehicle mechanic for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System but is happy to help out whenever an extra driver is needed. It was on one of these trips as a substitute driver for the Special Needs bus that Mitchell saw how difficult it was for Verna DeSpain to get her daughter Lydia out to the bus each morning. 

Mitchell couldn't believe how hard it was for DeSpain to maneuver the wheelchair onto the small porch of their home and down a cheap aluminum ramp that didn't even reach the top step.

Lydia suffers from a seizure disorder that caused her to develop differently than other children. 

He decided to find a way to help, first looking into companies that might donate a ramp, and then contacting the local Lowe's about the possibility.

Lowe's agreed to donate all the wood and supplies needed to build the ramp, and Mitchell made the offer to DeSpain. She was ecstatic!

With the help of co-workers and family connections, Mitchell put together the ramp, complete with a larger porch section in fewer than three hours.

The DeSpain family is so happy to receive the gift, and plan to enjoy the extra porch space to get fresh air come summer. 

"I'm glad that there's still kindness in the world," DeSpain said.

The school system put together a beautiful video that you should watch for the full story!

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