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These Four Steps Might Save Your Life When Your Car Is Sinking

These Four Steps Might Save Your Life When Your Car Is Sinking

Cars are the answer to our dream of freedom. They take us where we want to go whenever we want.

But with that freedom comes danger. Drivers face all kinds of hazards, not all of them even on the roads, so it's critical to keep that dream alive by knowing how to avoid hazards, and what to do when those hazards do pop up. Being prepared for danger can be the difference between life and death.

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Unless you have James Bond's car, landing your ride in the water is probably a nightmare scenario.

But it doesn't have to be. A sinking car is a highly survivable situation if you know what to do.

Cars actually take quite a bit of time to sink, so if you remain calm, it's not a big deal to get out.

You just have to remember four steps.

1. Seatbelts.

When you're ready to escape, unbuckle your seatbelt or, if it has jammed, cut it. 

2. Children.

They can't help themselves, so make sure to free them once you're free of your seatbelt. They probably won't be able to get out their own windows, so keep them close, reassure them that the situation is under control, and let them know the plan.

Now it's time to actually get out and get everyone to safety...

3. Windows.

The weight and pressure of the water outside will prevent you from opening the door, so you'll have to leave by the windows. But that same weight and pressure will be bearing down on the windows, too, making them nearly impossible to roll down. You'll have to break them.

That sounds easy enough, but your windows are designed not to break.

The windshield is not a viable option.

The safety glass will shatter, to be sure, but there's a sheet of plastic in there that sticks it together in case of a crash so that glass doesn't break off and fly around the car. 

So those side windows are your best bet.

However, your side windows are tougher than they look.

They're made of tempered glass. Hit straight on, in the middle, they can withstand a considerable blow. 

The tempered glass of the windows is more vulnerable at the edges.

A good smack with something hard, maybe the metal ends of your seat's headrest, will shatter the window into a million tiny pieces.

Then the water will really start to rush in...

4. Out.

This whole process can take less than 30 seconds, providing ample time to get yourself free without having to do much swimming. Just make sure everybody in the car is ready for the window to open and leaves by that one opening rather than trying to break more than one window.

Make sure everyone is accounted for and head for the shore.

If you get disoriented under water, follow the air bubbles escaping the car to the surface.

If everything goes according to plan, you and your loved ones should end up safe and sound.

Just remember, "Seatbelts, Children, Windows, Out."

Check out the video below for more info.

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Main image via Discovery

Collage image via Wonderful Engineering

Saturday, April 29, 2017

These Construction Workers Spot A Sick Girl Waving From Her Hospital

These Construction Workers Spot A Sick Girl Waving From Her Hospital Window...

When you think of construction workers, you may imagine some pretty tough, hardworking, strong guys who have little time for non-construction stuff. On those long, hot days of digging and lifting, you would expect that they might not think to look at the scenery. The steel workers in this video have been working hard on this building that neighbors a children's hospital. At some point, they noticed someone watching them work from one of the many windows of the hospital; that someone was small child, smiling and waving to them. A little girl with cancer waved to them every morning, without fail. 

As time passed, the workers looked forward to their morning wave with the sick little girl and decided to show her exactly how much they care and hope for her recovery. Her parents were overjoyed.


Friday, April 28, 2017

France Has An Awesome Wine Theme Park

France Has An Awesome Wine Theme Park

Going to theme parks is always a fun time. I remember how my family would take trips to hop on some awesome roller coasters. Sadly, we all grew up and those trips became less common, especially since some of us moved away. There's no doubt that Disneyland is the pinnacle of these parks. It's pretty much every kid's dream to go to Disneyland and meet all of their favorite movie characters. Heck, even adults love going there — even though they know they will have to deal with kids always screaming and going crazy... Nobody wants that. Well, buckle up, because France has the solution to every adult's plight. Yup, they've created a child-free theme park, but what's the theme?

Wine! What is this beautiful, beautiful place called? La Cité du Vin, which means "City of Wine." It's definitely not your traditional theme park because there are no roller coasters, rides, corn dogs, and sausages (well, maybe). It's almost museum-esque as the purpose of the La Cité du Vin is to educate its visitors and take them through the history of wine. I kind of lied about there being no rides because there is actually a boat ride that is meant to give you the feeling of what being a sea merchant was like. The structure that houses La Cité du Vin is absolutely stunning and is nothing to scoff at. If you're feeling hungry, they've got you covered. Inside the building are two restaurants, one which offers dishes made from regional produce and one that has a massive amount of wine from all around the world. Best of all, no screaming kids! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to fly to France and start wine tasting the right way.

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Metallic Hydrogen Has Finally Been Created And It's A Game-Changer

Metallic Hydrogen Has Finally Been Created And It's A Game-Changer

As author Arthur C. Clarke noted, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We've already worked some incredible technological wizardry: sending messages around the world in the blink of an eye, setting foot on the moon, and making pumpkin spice Pringles (because some magic is pretty dark, don't you think?). 

But until a big leap happens, we can only guess what's on the horizon. We know the direction we're headed, but it's all hazy, and we use what we think of as possible as our guide. But, as Arthur also noted, the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. 

Almost a century after it was first theorized, two Harvard scientists say they've created metallic hydrogen in their lab. All they had to do was put hydrogen under more pressure than exists at the center of the Earth.

Some say it's the "holy grail" of physics, and it could change the world. Because scientists have chased metallic hydrogen for so long, the discovery has been met with considerable skepticism.  

Researchers believe metallic hydrogen to be "metastable," like diamonds. Extreme pressure creates the object, and it stays that way even when the pressure is released.

If it is indeed metastable, scientists might be able to reproduce metallic hydrogen by spraying atomic hydrogen on its surface – much the same way that crystals and synthetic diamonds are grown.

The possible applications are the stuff of dreams for engineers. Metallic hydrogen would change space flight forever, allowing a rocket to reach orbit in a single stage.

“It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make metallic hydrogen,” Isaac Silvera, one of the scientists, explained. “And if you convert it back to molecular hydrogen, all that energy is released, so that would make it the most powerful rocket propellant known to man, and could revolutionize rocketry.”

It could also be a room-temperature superconductor – the only one in existence. That would have incredible implications for the power grid and improve electric vehicles, energy production and storage, as well as paving the way for high-speed magnetic levitating trains of the future.

That's all likely decades away – in the meantime, researchers have much more work to do. Replicating and producing more metallic hydrogen would be a good start for the skeptics. 


Thursday, April 27, 2017

12 Children Who Were Lost For Years, And Finally Found

12 Children Who Were Lost For Years, And Finally Found

When you see the headlines about missing children, all you want is a happy outcome. You can't help feeling for the parents who don't know where their kids are, even though you can't imagine the waking nightmare they're going through. It doesn't happen nearly often enough, but sometimes those kids do come home. Although they might endure heartbreaking horrors, they come home. Here are 12 kids who defied the odds and, after years away from their families, were finally reunited.

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1. Gregory Jean Jr.

Gregory's father and stepmother withdrew him from school on the pretense of homeschooling him when he was 9. However, for the next four years, he was kept captive in their home. His mother, a Haitian immigrant, notified Child Protective Services but not the police, so they didn't know he was missing. Gregory managed to get himself rescued by rigging up a cell phone to allow him to send his mother a Facebook friend request. When police showed up, they came up empty. But a second visit, this time with directions via text from Gregory, found him hidden behind a false wall.

2. Amina Ali Darsha Nkeki

Captured and held for two years by Boko Haram in an incident that made headlines around the globe, Amina was rescued by a local vigilante group. "When we arrived at the house, the door was closed, I asked the mother to come and identify someone, the moment she saw her, she shouted her name," the group's leader told the BBC. "She gave her the biggest hug ever, as if they were going to roll on the ground, we had to stabilize them."

3. Steven Stayner

Steven was abducted by a known pedophile when he was 7 years old and held captive for 8 years. When his captor abducted another young boy, Steven resolved to escape with him. The pair hitchhiked for 40 miles before finding the police and reuniting with their families. Sadly, Steven passed away in a motorcycle accident when he was 24.

4. Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard was 11 years old when Phillip and Nancy Garrido shocked her with a stun gun and bundled into their car. She endured 18 years of unspeakable horrors in a shed in their yard before being rescued.

5. Tanya Kach

Tanya was 13 and had a troubled home life with her father and his girlfriend when a 37-year-old security guard at her school struck up a friendship. After convincing her to run away from home, he ended up keeping her locked in his bedroom — in the home he shared with his parents — for 10 years. Eventually, he started allowing her out. She was rescued after she alerted a shopkeeper to her identity while running an errand.

6. Shawn Hornbeck

When he was 11, Shawn Hornbeck was taken while riding his bike down a gravel road near his home in Missouri. Rather than keeping him hidden away, Shawn's captor controlled him through fear and abuse all while allowing him out in public. He was found four years later, four days after his captor came home with another boy.

7. Carlina White

Carlina was abducted from a Harlem hospital when she was just 19 days old by a woman posing as a nurse. Carlina knew that woman as her mother and her own name as Netty Nance. She didn't learn the truth until she was 23 years old, when she saw a photo online that looked exactly like her own daughter. Of course, that photo was her as a baby, as a DNA test proved.

8. Steve Carter

Amazingly, inspired by Carlina's story, Steve also solved his own kidnapping. He had always thought he was an orphan, but one day he found a picture of himself on a missing children website. It turned out he had been abducted by his mother and his name had been changed from Marx Panama Barnes. His father had been searching for him for 30 years.

9. Natasha Ryan 

Natasha disappeared from her home in Australia when she was 14 years old. She reappeared four years later, when a man was on trial for her murder, after a tip-off led to a raid on the home of her boyfriend, who was eight years older than her. The two later married and have a son together.

10. Julian Hernandez

Julian was only 5 years old when his father kidnapped him, but he didn't know he'd been abducted. He only realized when, at 18, he started applying for colleges and discovered that the Social Security number his father had given him was fake.

11. Xiao Yun

Presumed dead for 10 years, Chinese woman Xiao Yun was found in a Chinese internet cafe when she was 24. After an argument with her parents, she ran away from home and spent the next decade living and playing games in internet cafes around the country.

12. Connie McCallister

When she was 16, Wisconsin-native Connie McCallister met up with her boyfriend, Freddie Ruiz, in Chicago, where he drugged her and drove her to Mexico. She spent the next nine years trapped in Mexico, abused at Freddie's hands, and then at the hands of another boyfriend, before meeting her husband. After meeting an American missionary while working at Walmart, Connie finally made her way home.

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Only The Sharpest Eyes Can See The Difference In These 10 Puzzles

Only The Sharpest Eyes Can See The Difference In These 10 Puzzles

Do you have super vision? If you pride yourself on having eagle eyes, you definitely should try these 10 scene puzzles. The objective is to find what is different between two very similar scenes. Playbuzz has compiled quite the difficult series of images, let me tell ya. 
Let's get to it...
Leave a COMMENT on Facebook letting us know if you think there were any other differences we didn't spot. 

1. Do you see anything different between these two pictures?

There is a very subtle difference in the sign on the top part of the door circled in green. 

Get that one? Let's keep going...

2. How about between these two street scenes?

There is an opening above the door in the left image.

3.These two boat scenes look pretty similar to me...

Did you see the different squares?

4. Two scenes of a woman walking her dog. 

The flower bush on the right is slightly more full and has a brighter yellow. 

5.How about these two scenes?

The window on the right is double-sided!

6.This one took me a while.

The scene on the right has an extra light.

7. Now this one is verrrry subtle.

These flowers on the right are red!

8. This one is tricky, but doable. 

The reflection off of the water doesn't show an extra stick/spike on the top of the tower on the right.

9. How about these lush scenes?

There's an extra bush near the fence on the right.

10. We definitely saved the hardest for last, are you ready?

If you look really closely, there is text on the sign in the left scene. 

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h/t Playbuzz