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10-Month-Old Baby Boy Contracts Deadly Illnesses After Riding In Shopping Cart

When you go shopping with your child, you usually don't think that they're going to somehow contract deadly illnesses. If anything, you're trying to decide whether you plan on buying them another toy. A mother from Gold Coast, Australia has recently taken to Facebook to warn the world about illnesses that she believes her 10-month-old baby contracted from a supermarket shopping cart. 

Her warning to parents online has gone viral and you need to hear it. 

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Vivienne Wardrop has taken to the internet to tell everyone about how she believes her son Logan contracted deadly illnesses from a supermarket shopping cart. 

When you first enter a supermarket with a child, you immediately look for a shopping cart to plop them into, which makes this story unsettling for many parents. 

This is exactly what Vivienne did one day at a Helensvale supermarket in Queensland. 

Logan's mother explained how strange symptoms began only 24 hours after he sat in the shopping cart. 

"On Wednesday morning I got him out of bed and he had really bad diarrhoea. It had gone through his clothes and bedding," said Vivienne. 

Logan's diarrhea got so bad that the young boy was even passing blood.

After taking Logan to a doctor, who told his mother that Logan was merely dehydrated, things began to worsen.

"I gave him a bottle and he vomited it back up and this kept happening throughout the day." She then took him to the Gold Coast University Hospital. 

Here is a photo of Logan that Vivienne posted to Facebook, showing how uncomfortable the poor boy felt. 

After being admitted, Logan's heart rate reached 220 beats per minute.

This number exceeds a typical heart rate of between 80 – 140 beats per minute.

After conducting a bunch of medical tests, the doctors reached the conclusion that Logan had adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella, and meningitis. 

Rotavirus causes diarrhea and gastroenteritis, and this disease can be picked up by touching a contaminated surface. You have likely heard of meningitis as well, an infection of the area around the brain. Adenovirus, on the other hand, attacks the respiratory system. 

Overall, Logan spent 10 days in the hospital with the majority of that time being in intensive care. 

Luckily, Logan has been able to come back from the hospital and has almost fully recovered. 

When answering how much longer Logan would need to recover, his mother said, "Probably another week or so at least. Because of the salmonella and rotavirus together, his gut has been stripped of everything, he was pooing blood."

Vivienne strongly believes that the shopping cart can be the only source of the illness and posted a message for all to see on Facebook.

While it's hard to say for sure whether baby Logan truly contracted the myriad of illnesses from the cart, his mother still suggests that everyone at least wipe down the cart before putting their child in.

At least the little man is feeling better!

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h/t Daily Mail Australia 


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