Monday, April 10, 2017

11 Heartwarming Facts About Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara's Family

Have you ever noticed that the breakup rate in Hollywood is pretty high? Titles given to couples are always changing. One week, a couple could be the "It Couple of Hollywood" and another week, another relationship could take that title. But you know who's gunning for the title of "Hottest and Sexiest Couple of Hollywood"? It's definitely Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. Ever since Sofia and Joe got together, they've consistently taken adorable photos on social media and their families are so sweet! Here are all the times we wished we could be a part of that family. 

Sofia and Joe. The sexiest and hottest couple in Hollywood.

Ok, maybe next to Brangelina and, like, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. 

It began like any other love story: He checked her out, got caught, got called out for it and she laughed it off. 

Whatcha doing there, bud?

It was a whirlwind romance! They got engaged after dating for six months!

And then they got married almost a year later in a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. And now combined, they have the most beautiful family. Here are some facts you need to know about them!

This couple is just too damn perfect. 

1. First of all, Sofia's been Joe's ultimate celeb crush FOR YEARS. And as soon as he found out she was single, he visited her in New Orleans and they went on a date. 

IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?! He got together with his celeb crush! 

2. Before Sofia would get serious with Joe, she made sure that her son approved of him. 

Her son Manolo is from a previous marriage. Manolo is 23 years old! How does she have a 23-year-old son and look like she does?! 

3. Once Manolo approved, it was up to the rest of the family too! Sofia invited Joe to her niece's birthday and that's when they told Sofia that Joe passed the test!

4. Sofia's first language is Spanish so Joe got help from her family to learn how to ask her to marry him in Spanish. 

That is just too much. TOO MUCH CUTENESS.

5. Sofia, Joe, and the rest of the family surprised Manolo at his graduation! 

Joe's just part of the family! Ok, seriously, how much cuter can this family get. I JUST CAN'T.

6. The whole family turned up with #Jofia shirts to the wedding!


7. Both sides of the family flew out to LA after they learned that Joe had a health scare!  

8. After almost a year of being married, Sofia and Joe want to have kids and expand their family! 

Ok, their kids are going to be GORGEOUS.

9. Sofia always takes her side of the family to go visit Joe's family in Texas. And Sofia's family get to fly in style on a private jet! 

10. According to sources, Sofia and Joe are planning on having a baby via surrogate and it could be happening any time soon!

Side note: Sofia is working that road like it's a runway. Look at those heels!

11. They've got a third family too... Sofia's Modern Family cast members! They all love when Joe comes to visit Sofia. He's the most popular person on set! 


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