Wednesday, April 12, 2017

12 Comparisons of Halloween Then And Now

Remember how magical Halloween was when you were a child? You got to dress up as your favorite spooky monster or Disney princess and walk around the neighborhood collecting candy from all of your weird neighbors. All of your favorite Halloween specials were on TV, and you got to stay up late watching horror movies with your dad. 

Things sure have changed since you were a kid, but it's still magical, only in a different way. The Disney princess dresses are getting smaller every year, and you binge on booze instead of candy. 

1. Online makeup tutorials have made it easier for children to find absolutely terrifying ways to paint their faces

2. The movie your friends put on at their Halloween party is much more disturbing now.

3. Bears no longer care. 

4. Vampires used to be blood-thirsty killing machines. Now, they're sparkly emo teens.


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