Friday, April 14, 2017

12 Of The Worst Kids Costumes Halloween Has Ever Seen

Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means that soon you're going to be under tremendous, unrelenting pressure. Your kid is going to need the perfect costume, which is going to have to be cool enough for every other kid to be envious, durable enough to make it through school all day, and then mobile enough to go door-to-door for at least a couple of hours. 

How do you find the perfect costume? Does one even exist? Not on this list, that's for sure.

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I recommend not this one.

On the one hand, it could maybe be a little cute/funny. But on the other hand, you're definitely setting the bar really low for the rest of her life.

What kind of message is this sending?

Unless the parents thought this was a Canadian leaf — scratch that. Whether or not you know what this is, a leaf is not an adequate costume for a baby.

I love coordinated costumes!

This, though, is not what I meant. Kermit and Miss Piggy? Yes, please! Cigs and booze? OMG, you're a terrible influence.

Superheroes and villains: totally cool.

And, in theory, this is awesome. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy are a little bit toogood at creepy costumes and now this little toddler is absolutely terrifying.

So, I'm definitely not loving that this exists.

What's worse: That this costume only comes in sizes 4-6 (so it's for kindergarteners only) or that its average rating is 90% and 4.5 stars?

You're laughing now.

But you'll be crying yourself to sleep for weeks because your own kid will terrify you.

Loved the show.

Don't remember them being minors, though...

This kid is adorable.

And while I totally don't think it's an appropriate costume for such a little guy, I must admit, he's rockin' it!

Look at their little faces.

I can't tell if they look like that because they want to stay true to character or because they really just wanted to be Avengers this year.

Sadly, this is not the worst costume on this list.

F for effort.

This, surprisingly, is also not the worst costume on this list.

She's going to totally run away when she's older.

This is the worst costume on the list.

And now that you've seen this, you no longer need to stress about your own kids' costumes because literally anything else will be better than this. 


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