Tuesday, April 11, 2017

14 DIYs That Make Lace Chic

Lace is making a comeback, and it no longer has to scream "Grandma alert!" when you see it. There's more to it than doilies and fussy collars! Whether you're inspired by the lace patterns or using actual lace, there are so many ways you can use the look to bring elegant sophistication to your home and projects!

1. Frame it and hang it.

Love the look? Then showcase it by simply framing your favorite pattern and hanging it on the wall.

2. Organize your earrings.

The same framed lace can act as a place to hang your earrings between wearings!

3. Embellish a notebook.

Whether you use actual lace as a stencil or just a store-bought one, the effect is lovely!

4. Upcycle your jeans.

If your distressed jeans are looking a bit toodistressed, you can give them a pop by lining the holes with lace. You can also simply wear lace leggings underneath for a temporary look!

5. Feel like royalty.

This neat trick uses fabric stiffener and a microwave to make amazing crowns. I could see this process being used for other projects where you may want stiffened lace, such as napkin rings or candle-wraps. 

6. Speaking of candles...

Just wrapping lace around a glass candle holder can be really beautiful. I love the black lace. It looks like a fancy window silhouetted against a sunset!

7. Create cookies that look too good to eat!

If you're just learning how to pipe icing on cookies, lace can be a great way to practice simple strokes while still getting a stunning effect. 

8. Embellish your snail mail!

It's so rare to receive an actual letter these days, so make it more special with some simple envelope art! Of course, you don't need a calligraphy pen to do this. Any fine-tipped pen and a steady hand will work.

9. Make cheap pillow cases look like a million bucks.

Don't waste money on expensive lace-lined pillow cases. Instead, buy plain white ones and sew your own lace on for a fraction of the price.

10. Look up. Look way up!

By painting a lace stencil with a clear gloss, the pattern would be nearly invisible by day but explode into life once the lights are turned on in the evening.

11. Update a tired dresser.

Lace stenciling can bring a bit of elegance to the plain drawer fronts and make furniture look brand new. 

12. Add pattern to a bland table.

Change up the paint color to match any room!

13. Replace a lamp shade.

How easy is this? By using lace tights, you just need to stretch them over the whole frame, secure and trim. No careful cutting or sewing required!

14. Mimic high-end wrapping paper.

Don't spend money on the expensive gift wrap. Instead, wrap a rolling pin with lace and print your own onto the plain, cheap stuff. 

Personally, I want that lace lamp in my life now. Which project do you love the most?


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