Sunday, April 23, 2017

14 Pictures That Prove Food Is Life

Have you ever considered how much time in your day is dedicated to food? Between coffee and standing in line for breakfast and making dinner and going for lunch and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, food is the sun in our personal solar system and everything rotates around it. 

I'm okay with this.

Sure, these days our sun tends to be more saturated and fructose-y and riddled with diabetes, but we'll deal with the ramifications of that later on in life...maybe. All I know is I like food, it tastes good and it helps me forget that life will one day end and I'll be consumed by insects six feet below the surface of the earth...thus becoming food myself.


1. "Simba, we're having fish for dinner tonight!"

2. The 50-year-old mother of five baby knows what's up.

3. Every time you say "I'll have one...but only one."

4. "This boob will do." –Baby

5. Craving some pasta at work? Improvise. Hunger is more important than dignity.

6. Dull knives at work? Embrace your inner MacGyver.

7. The Rolodex is so '90s, but it still has many practical uses. 

8. Running late and can't boil your egg? Not to worry. Boil it in your coffee.

9. "We've been eating leaves for 150 years and they still taste GREAT." –tortoise probably

10. Yoink. "Hehehehehe."

11. As far as I'm concerned, carrot cake is worth about as much as pure gold.

12. A slightly different take on pigs in a blanket.

13. Sitting at the table, waiting for dinner when, suddenly, it hits you that you live alone and you'll just order pizza. Again.

14. Hot damn, that's a cute, delicious-looking kid.


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