Thursday, April 20, 2017

14 Ways You've Been Using Everyday Products Wrong

You probably read that title and thought to yourself that there's no way on earth that you're using simple household products wrong because they're fully functional in your world and they're so simple to use that there's no way there's an actual "right" way of using them. Well, if that's what you thought, think again! There are correct ways of using products with secret little tricks that companies don't really make too obvious but that will really make your life just a bit easier. Here are 15 ways on how you've been using everyday products all wrong:

1.There are inserts to push in on the sides of aluminum foil boxes

These inserts hold the foil in place while you rip off a sheet without having the roll shoot out of the box.

2. No spoon?

3. Store peanut butter upside down instead of right side up

4. You've been using the wrong plunger to unclog your toilet

While this one is supposed to be used for toilets!

5. Use your Chinese takeout containers as plates

6. You're using too much toothpaste

7. Fold your Greek yogurt containers in half

8. Your soda has a built-in straw holder

9. Keep your extension cords from coming apart by tying them in a pretzel knot as so:

10. Juice boxes h ave handles

11. You've been breaking Toblerone all wrong

12. The holes in your pots are actually spoon holders

13. Floss the right way:

14. Make a coaster out of a soft drink lid

Collage Source: 1) Chica And Jo 2) Oh My Veggies 3)  reddit /u/ 1000milestare


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