Tuesday, April 4, 2017

15 People Who Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

It's good to keep on your toes in your day-to-day, to be clever and make people laugh! Sometimes your level of smarts can show off how you deserve a promotion, and other times it can show that you may need help. Today we got those and everything in between! Maybe some of them might get in a bit of trouble for the wit they've displayed, and maybe they're just showing how they're too smart for their jobs in the first place, but either way, we're celebrating their smartassery to the max. So if you're a clever girl or boy, take this time to bask in the smartness of your own kind! Just be sure to not let that brain of yours get you into any trouble...

1. This stockboy who should be made manager

2. This car's owner who has the license to crack wise

3. Whoever wrote the puns on this furniture

Seriously, I'd just leave those things there forever so as many people as possible can groan as loud as I did!

4. And whoever wrote this news caption is too good for local broadcast!

5. This warehouse worker who is worthy of meeting the "Dolly Llama" 

6. This bookstore employee who knows what we really want out of our favorite genres

7. The worker at this pizza shop who was sick of your "special requests"

Plus, I mean, they're not wrong!

8. This girl who found maybe the only appropriate time to wear your underwear on the outside


10. The person who wrote this road warning has better jokes than I do today...

11. Building a snowman isn't just for kids or Disney princesses, it's also for geniuses — evil geniuses! 

12. Maybe the best Facebook posts I've ever seen — be honest, you wanna try this, right?

13. This kid who understands modern art, probably better than any of us!

14. This tourist who knew that it was time to be clever...

15. Probably the smartest answer possible, yet no credit given?! I call shenanigans on the teacher!

16. This little girl who knows that beauty is fleeting, but pizza is life...


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