Monday, April 10, 2017

15 People Who Should Just Stop

The world is full of all kinds of strange people. 

You can meet them anywhere, in the mall, on the bus, driving around or even in your own family. 

Sometimes, we are faced with people who are their own kind of special put it nicely. 

Luckily for us, they are few and far between, unless you frequent Walmart, in which case, it's your own decision making process you need to reflect on. 

Check out these 15 people who need to really not. 

1. Interesting suits. I wonder who their tailors are. 

2. Wearing scale mail to school is a totally normal thing to do. 

3. Children are very strange. 

4. Prank turned really creepy. 

5. This is really was a poor life decision — that kid is never going to trust Mickey again. 

6. It's tough out there...damn autocorrect. 

7. I don't know why he ever would have bought this shirt. He was just asking for something like this to happen. 

8. "Nice legs," said no one ever. 

9. There really is one in every class. 

10. Everyone needs a tattoo of their pet. 

11. If this is his license plate, I shudder to know that man. 

12. Must have been one hell of a bus ride!

13. Classic Walmart.

14. I can rest easy now, knowing I am not the craziest person in the world.  

15. I cannot imagine the amount of product this took. 

Main image via reddit / yz125

Collage images via 1. reddit / Bobskioner 2. imgur / DRBallantyne


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