Tuesday, April 25, 2017

16 Decisions That Didn't Turn Out To Be All That Worth It

Sometimes, it feels like we've got something all worked out in our heads. Whether it's a clever shortcut in something we hate doing or an idea that seemed like it'll make millions, we feel compelled to go all out and make it a reality.

Only, it turns out we forgot one little detail and now we're sitting at the bottom of the stairs with egg on our face. Depending on the idea was, that might not be just an expression.

But since it's always easier to tell when someone else is making a terrible mistake, let's go through these 16 regrettable decisions.

1. Aw man, that's sort of like finding a landmine and seeing if it'll go off.

Let's just say things will get a lot worse for you if you poke either of them with a stick.

2. Ugh, especially when you get out of bed too fast and think you're still dreaming.

When I went to the bathroom this morning, I tried every Inception trick I could think of just to make sure. The last thing you wanna do is fool yourself into peeing the bed.

3. No matter how many times we ask why we keep coming back here, we can't stay away.

Well, I guess we gotta take the roast crown somehow.

4. Yeah, thought you were safe making some happy, delicious little treats.

At least it can't talk.

Sometimes, it's hard to keep track of where things went wrong.

5. If nothing else, you'll have a good story for how you got out of that.

Don't worry, you can embellish a little.

6. Ah, it's a classic tale. Our bro flew too close to the sun.

I guess he's right about being in deep, though.

7. At that hour, just let the world think you're asleep.

Hey, it's not lying if you convince yourself that you're asleep too.

8. I like to think the birds knew what she was trying to do and decided to troll her.

Like, how many tourists do they see every day, right?

Watch out for those early victories.

9. Yeah, it's always good to count your bargaining chips before you drop something like this.

It's really not a good sign when the big bombshell just makes them smirk a little.

10. Well, I guess somebody was gonna make that mistake eventually.

It's one of the lesser-known laws of nature, but everyone learns it the hard way.

11. It'd be hard not to think you're invincible after chance #50.

Sometimes, everybody involved can end up with some regrets.

12. Let's just say the evil part of your brain knows when opportunity knocks.

At least, I assume that's why I keep waking up with a top hat and a black cape when I go too hard.

The more we grow up, the less we trust "come on, it'll be fun." 

13. Yeah, why do we always ask ourselves, "What part of this seems like a good idea?" just a moment too late?

And of course, the silver-tongued devil who thought of this still has a smile on his face when they slap the handcuffs on us. 

14. Yup, she knows what's up.

It's like escaping a giant squid by jumping into a shark tank.

15. No, but it looks like it cost that much to use this billboard.

I guess convincing people they need glasses is one way to drum up business.

16. As if it wasn't hard enough to keep cats from hating you.

Eating it right in front of the homie probably wasn't a good idea either.


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