Thursday, April 27, 2017

16 Objects We Didn't Expect To Melt Like This

When a powerful fire rages, it can leave a lot of strange melted objects in its wake. There's nothing unusual about this effect, but it's often true that some of the objects caught in the crossfire are ones we've simply never seen like this.

At first glance, it can sometimes be hard to tell just what you're looking at. Yet when a few context clues and a couple of recognizable odds and ends fill in the blanks for us, the reaction is going to be the same.

"Whoa, that's what that looks like when it melts?"

If you've ever wondered how a good melt would change the things sitting around you but you didn't want to ruin them, then you've definitely come to the right place. Let's have a look at these 16 not-so-solid objects and see just what kind of art a really hot day can make.

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1. Hmm, it's probably not a good idea to drink from this anymore.

So much for this water bottle's "campus edge," I guess.

2. Once upon a time, this was a TV.

When this furniture store caught on fire, the screen melted right off and now we can see it dangling from the rest of the unit.

3. These shoes weren't made for the Arizona heat.

With temperatures getting well over 110 degrees that day, I'll bet they weren't the only thing that melted.

4. When it gets really hot, sometimes objects can melt into each other.

The chain seemed to take the heat pretty well, but it really did a number on this dumpster.

And when something isn't where it's supposed to be, it can really do some damage.

5. When these power lines came down, they took the road with them.

They really whipped around before all the fuses blew, which caused this funky gash we see now.

6. What is it about melting clocks that we find so endlessly fascinating?

I'm sure it was Salvador Dali who planted the idea in our heads, but I still can't explain it.

7. You can tell it's a hot day when the blinds start drooping. 

Apparently, you can fix this by holding them up when they're still soft. Yet if they've already cooled, I hope you like the funky shape because you're stuck with it.

8. It's not too often that it's easier to tell what caused something than what we're actually looking at.

For instance, it's not hard to guess that this melted after a steam pipe burst, but good luck guessing that these used to be fiber cables.

Although it's more obvious what we're looking at in this next one, it's not exactly the first thing we'd think of when the topic of melted stuff comes up. 

9. When house siding melts, it looks a little bit like cake.

But unless you like the taste of melted plastic, this is definitely not a gingerbread house. 

10. This melting car was on the scene of the ongoingTennessee wildfires.

Despite the tireless efforts of firefighters, over half of the blaze still hasn't been contained. Photos like these give a clear sense of what something like this can do.

11. Strangely enough, it's kind of a mystery as to what's melting this flower pot. 

Some in the area think a piece of metal or glass is reflecting sunlight to this specific spot, and that seems plausible enough to me.

12. We've all seen lightbulbs break, but I can't say I've seen one melt.

Apparently, all it takes to cause this is a little finger oil during installation. That's why you're supposed to wear gloves when you install powerful lamps.

This next one can happen easily enough, but it's hard to top it for style.

13. This rainbow mess was once a bag of sour worms.

It's too bad more of the little inconveniences in life can't be this psychedelic.

14. This candle melted in the sun and now looks like a squid trying to escape.

What something melts inside of can be just as important as the melt itself. After all, this would have otherwise just turned into a boring wax puddle.

15. Looks like it's time to get a new outhouse.

Those can take a little getting used to at the best of times, so this one really can't be comfortable.

16. You'd never guess it, but this used to be a plastic plate.

After it found its way into an oven, this is what it turned into.

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