Monday, April 24, 2017

16 Times Online Shopping Took A Turn

Getting a credit card was a huge mistake. At first I was all worried to use it, fearing my information would get stolen and that someone somewhere halfway across the world would go crazy spending all my hard-earned dollars.
Then when I realized I would be in a constant state of brokenness, I started taking a few more liberties with my spending habits. The great thing about credit is that you can just keep on putting off the payments! So it's not like you really just bought a queen-sized bed's worth of nachos. Instead, it's more like you rented them for future you to deal with. 
And that guy will totally have the money to pay for it.
Alas, sometimes you can go a little overboard when it comes to online shopping. Drinking is usually the top culprit.  

1. That time your T-shirt of choice spoke a little too closely to your political agenda 

2. When you buy a trash can online and think, "my ex can't possibly fit in this"

3. You get caught up looking at the prices before you even notice what it is you're about to buy

4. I thought you could only salt a snail? 

5. This is why you have to try things on first

6. When you're trying to act classy, but really don't want to be showing off too much 

7. Sigh. Far too many people don't even know what a floppy drive is

9. Why, yes. Of course I need these right away

9. When you can't decided between an awesome deal and a spicy meme and decide to have both 

10. Ever wonder what $107 worth of grapes looks like? 

11. Just like every other time in life, size matters

12. When it's time for you to prove you are a human and not a bot or a cat

13. If you don't think you need this, you really need to reassess your life choices 

14. Finally. The review I've been waiting for my entire life 

15. Don't be shocked if the internet lies to you

16. 5/7 would totally buy 

Main image via reddit / Floydlemon

Collage image via Twitter / @jjacoby14


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