Saturday, April 1, 2017

16 Times We Couldn't Tell If It Was Genius Or Madness At Work

Eventually, you're going to come across something you just can't figure out. It's clear from the scene that somebody obviously meant to do something here, but it's impossible to tell whether they succeeded.

Even if you catch them in the act and see them looking satisfied with whatever they just did, it can still be hard to tell if they're right. An outright failure is pretty easy to spot, but this doesn't fit that category because there's something kind of impressive about the results. Or is there? The more you look at it, the further you get from solving the mystery.

So before you find such a thing in the wild, here are 16 memes to properly prepare you.

1. Hey, seems like a plan to me.

The only question is does this cost more or less than the hats you can get at the game? In the battle between drink markup and merch markup, who is the true winner?

2. Not everyone will give you the truth about this all-too-common scenario.

Trust me, you do not wanna make the other fish jealous.

3. I'm pretty sure this is just gonna make the computer explode.

I mean, you do you if that's your goal, but don't say I didn't warn you.

4. I'd say "may you rest in peace" but there's no way this person's keeping these down.

Sometimes, the body has to save us from ourselves.

That's one way to cut corners.

5. If it works, it works.

The only thing is, did someone put the pole there after the clock was installed? If not, you'd think the problem with this would be obvious as soon as you tried to put it in.

6. Ooh, looks like those bottles don't even have any caps on them.

We have a very cocky artist on our hands.

7. If this is what the elevator is like, the stairs probably act like an escalator that goes in random directions. 

Basically, I think the building is self-aware and nobody's figured it out yet.

8. You know, there's a chance that whoever did this isn't the owner of that face either.

Somewhere out there, there's a photoshop Frankenstein.

If life gave this guy lemons, he'd think lemonade was easy mode.

9. He knows what's up. Normal windows just lack imagination.

I'm not sure there's a problem this guy can't solve if you give him enough duct tape.

10. A fine idea, but maybe try it on the other side of the road?

I guess scaring the crap out of every other driver is one way to ease your mind.

11. On second thought, maybe the guy in the last one just read this sign.

I mean, I guess there are worse ways to interpret "righting left."

12. You know, there are probably people who would still fall for this.

Might as well just do this with everything in the store.

Something about this just seems wrong.

13. I...I just need to know why.

Like, I know fish tanks can be expensive, but this seems like a great way to get some weird tropical disease.

14. That chair does seem to be enjoying all this a little too much.

Also, WHAT is going on in the background?

15. I guess all those varmints and cattle rustlers know not to mess with you now.

The only downside is that the museum curators will never leave you alone.

16. Yeah, I think you just messed around and made art.

Imagine this getting auctioned off for millions of dollars in 50 years.


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