Friday, April 14, 2017

16 Uber Tales That We've All Kind Of Experienced

What a time to be alive. Smartphones have totally changed the game, and Uber has taken full advantage of that. No longer do we have to wait on the side of the road like animals, trying to hail a cab while constantly getting upstreamed by terrible people who are in too big of a hurry to realize that they are in fact monsters. Now we can just hail some random person to come pick us up and take us anywhere, all without paying a dime of real, actual money (that IS how online transactions go, right?). 

So, cabs are out and Ubers are in. Instead of horror stories of how the cab driver totally ripped you off and took you on a wild adventure... we have Uber drivers who totally ripped you off and took you on a wild adventure. But conveniently

The Uber help line workers probably get all kinds of stories flooding in, but luckily, most people aren't snitching. They just want like 5 bucks back to make it all feel worth it. 

1. We've all drunkenly made this trip, thinking we were lost forever 

2. Worst part? The spider didn't even pitch on the fare!

3. This driver clearly has no regard for the safety of their vehicle 

4. We live in an age of GPSes. Don't try and give your own directions 

5. I don't know what's most shocking. That this only cost 8 bucks, or that your driver happens to be named Carmine

6. Every Uber driver is also  amateur psychologist... and also don't seem to understand the age of consent 

7. Would it be awkward to message him for a ride to his own party? 

8. That must have been some promo code

9. Looks like he's going the wrong way... might be closer to 2 minutes away 

10. Talk about living the American dream 

11. Why do I feel he has a mixtape somewhere in his car 

12. Well, Jonathan, I guess I'll just take the bus

13. Apparently your boots can say a lot about you as a soulmate 

14. It's stories like this that make me think they get paid way more than they're letting on 

15. Luckily, it's 2016 and interracial families are far more common 

16. When a former poet laureate writes you a review


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