Tuesday, April 25, 2017

16 Ways College Made Us More Dramatic Than Necessary

We can all be a little bit dramatic at times. But no one is more dramatic as the college student.
Thousands of assignments a week, juggling a part-time job, and keeping up any ounce of a social life are a few of the hardships we've had to go through during these tough times.
The funny part is they think it gets better after graduation! LOL!

1. Make it stop!

2. The professors can be equally dramatic!

3. Like I said...

4. This is pretty accurate actually.

5. Bible got us all figured out.

6. Her struggle is real.

7. This was no joke.

We are all Troy Bolton.

8. The only way to successfully get through the day.

9. If you act dramatic with Google, Google will fight back.

10. You asked for it!

11. Get your life together!

12. Why is it that college converts people back into literal infants?

13. Wait til she finds out it doesn't get any easier...

14. Caught in the act!

15. No need to put the dramatics on display, people.

16. Get used to it, kids!


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