Friday, April 14, 2017

17 Parents And Grandparents Failing Miserably At Technology

Sometimes, parents do things that are so funny and ridiculous. They have a hard time figuring out the Internet, and they have a hard time figuring out how their phones work. We've all gotten phone calls from them, asking how to do something that is so simple. But they grew up in a different time than we did, and their expertise lies in different places than ours, so we should try to cut them slack, and then laugh to ourselves later about the funny thing that they did. These parents and grandparents are so bad at technology, it's hard not to laugh. 

1. Phones are tough. 

2. "What does scroll mean"

3. Sounds like Grandpa is laughing. 

4. All the better to see you with, my dear. 

5. Just wanted to say 'hi.'

6. Oh, that Grandmaster Flash. 

7. She said now, people!

8. Why would I look for anything other than an authentic lemonade experience? Thanks, Phyllis!

9. That looks convenient. 

10. How do they do it though? 

11. When your child is the god of the Internet. 

12. That sounds about right. 

13. Taking pictures is hard. 

14. When they try to send you something. 

15. They're always happy to help!

16. And this is after they tried to fix it, too. 

17. Look, he even hangs out at Starbucks. 


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