Thursday, April 27, 2017

17 People Who Don't Give A Damn

Not giving a damn about anything is harder than it looks. It's in our nature to care, and going against our natural instincts is challenging and takes practice. So I gotta give it to those who make it look easy. 

1. Sandy, who? It's shucking time

These people knew how to deal with Hurricane Sandy.

2. Someone who has his priorities straight

3. Leo is the master of looking he doesn't giving a damn

4. When it's too hot and the shirt's too tight you just gotta let it all hang out

5. Dude looks like he's about to ask someone to choose between a red and a blue pill

6. School buses are for peasants 

7. All I want is a name

Who is this sombrero-wearing mustachioed man? 

8. The guy putting on his best pouty face, trying his hardest to look sorry, kills me

Keep fighting the good fight, it'll get easier when all of you become of age

9. No one will ever accuse Cardale Jones of showing too much empathy

At least he didn't steal crab legs

10. "It's OK, you can hang on to the cone"

11. Merry Christmas from his family to yours

12. Oscar Mayer himself 

13. Just taking in the view

14. When nothing else matters because you're about to beat your high score

15. Not a care in the world

16. You know what they say, half of life is just showing up

17. I hear the editorials section has some quality reads


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