Tuesday, April 11, 2017

18 Illustrations That Show The Downfall Of Our Modern World

Sometimes it feels like the world is going to hell in a gif generator, doesn't it? Still, as long as we can laugh at ourselves, I think there is hope for the future. 

Steve Cutts is an artist and illustrator that uses his work to make humorous but pointed observations about our modern world. He's not afraid to show the ugly side of our day-to-day existence, but he also makes sure that we get a giggle out of it while he delivers his message. Check out these 18 examples!

1. The most frustrating word on the planet.

Everyone's been there. It's Netflix night, the popcorn is still so warm that the fake butter is molten, and you're curled up with your favorite person to watch a movie. Which buffers. And buffers. Until the popcorn has turned to Styrofoam and you're ready to throw it at your TV. 

2. What we leave behind.

Is this guy made of his trash or is it coming at him in a wave? Maybe both! Plus, he has an awesome mustache. 

3. Phone zombies.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, don't worry; just give them the latest update to Pokémon Go and they'll be too distracted catching Drowzees to give chase. 

4. He'll still be here when we're gone.

Mickey Mouse will outlive us all, and smile at as us we go. 

5. Lisa

The biggest mystery about the Mona Lisa is her smile, and yet in this modern reimagining, she is faceless, defined instead by consumerism and fashion trends. 

6. Personal space is at a premium.

There's a rare sight these days! The phone booth used to be a private place for conversation, but these days we share everything with everyone else. 

7. Just ask Google!

Whether or not it's a good thing that we've outsourced much of our knowledge to the Internet, as someone with a very good memory, it's made quiz night a cinch!

8. Global mind share.

With more avenues of access, brands are fighting more and more for consumer mind share. This literal interpretation makes me rethink my choice of a can of Coke this afternoon. 

9. Such a terrible affliction.

I hope there are antibiotics for that....

10. Monday.

Damn straight. Mondays are fiery hell beasts, and I won't hear any arguments to the contrary. 

11. Money can't buy happiness.

Or substitute for a tasty, aged cheddar. (Now I'm craving a cheese plate. I'm sorry, little business mouse!)

12. Jess & Roger at home.

I can barely look at this one. It's just so sad, and yet captivating. 

13. Owned

A distressing representation of how we have become so tethered to our phones that we sometimes feel subservient to them. Also, a kitty walking its mouse is adorable and creepy. 

14. Dinner is served.

Steve uses the iconic pop art of Warhol to comment on the current consumerist culture and our overly-processed foods in one simple image. 

15. Gotta catch 'em all.

Pikachu has had enough of us humans trying to catch him! I love his little thermos though. 

16. "Less than United" Kingdom

Months after Brexit, Europe is still struggling to comprehend what the historic move will mean for the future. 

17. Under the... sea? 

Thanks to pollution and a complete disregard for the ocean's ecosystems, this is a more realistic depiction of life under the sea than any Disney movie out there. 

18. Top of the food chain

When it comes to killing, deep-frying, and eating, man really has conquered it all. 

To see more of Steve's work, visit his Facebook page. 


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