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18 Leonardo Dicaprio Movie Mistakes That Prove Even The Best Can Fail

Quick! If I asked you to name 10 Leonardo DiCaprio movies, you could probably do it within seconds. Not only that, it's pretty hard to name a bad movie that he's done. He's been in so many great films during his career and chances are you've seen most of them. But even the best movies have mistakes in them. Here are 16 mistakes from Leo's movies that you might have missed. 

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1. Titanic: He somehow had time to make fashion choices about whether to ditch or keep the suspenders.

Jack, please! Fashion should be the last of your concerns.

2. Inception: The totem can't make up its mind on which side it wants to be on!

3. Shutter Island: Right or left? Which is the right way to write?

Leo, don't cry! Your movies are still amazing!

4. The Great Gatsby: Even when vying for the same girl, the men want to sit closer to each other.

Keep your enemies close... reallyclose.

5. The Aviator: Ah, Hollywood. Showing everyone that if it's already broken, just break it again!

6. Romeo and JulietSomebody told him his hair would look sexy pushed back. It was probably Cady.

Leo was so cute in Romeo and Juliet!

7. The Wolf of Wall Street: They managed to travel to the future.

Fenway Park didn't have seats yet in the 1970s! 

8. Romeo and Juliet: Romeo, you normally keep the shirt off. Not put it back on. 

9. Titanic: Rose, you should've let Jack on that floating board with you. This is what happens when Jack is left in the water.

I'm pretty sure everyone can look past the mistakes for Leo!

10. The Great Gatsby: You gotta just decide, Leo. When your character is dying, is it arms up or arms down?

11. The Aviator: He just can't decide whether he wants to feel the wind in his hair or not.

12. The Wolf of Wall Street: She's not as bad as she says she is...

Naomi tells Jordan that she's not wearing underwear, but she actually is when we see it in another shot.

Leo and Margot Robbie make one great couple, don't you think?!

13. Django Unchained: The skull on the table can't be "Ben" since it's a woman's skull. Maybe it's Brenda?

The skull is referred to as Ben, the servant of Calvin Candie's father. But the prop is made into the shape of a woman's skull!

14. The Wolf of Wall Street: Ring on, ring off. Is he married or not?!

15. Catch Me If You Can: He's looking dapper in his uniform but the ladies are wearing their Pan Am hats wrong!

The Pan Am logo is supposed to be visible from the front and not the back.

Nobody wears a pilot uniform quite like Leo!

16. The Wolf of Wall Street: It's different yacht AND it's smaller?!

The yacht Jordan gives to Naomi is smaller and has different windows. If you're going to change the gift, at least make it bigger than the last one!

17.  In The Revenant, the firearms during that era didn't use gunpowder! None of the shots fired in the movie produced anywhere near the black smoke that would have been realistic!

18. Throughout The Revenant, Hugh's wounds constantly change! The wounds on his right shoulder and his back appear and disappear in scenes!

Pay attention to this next time you're watching the movie!

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